Thursday, September 10, 2009

1957 DKW Sonderklasse 3=6

This is interesting. First of all, during it's production run, 1953 - 1959, this car had 4 different names. This car was sold as the 3=6, Sonderklasse, F91 and 900. That's a lot of name changes for a car built for such a short period of time.

The 3=6 name comes from an advertising campaign in which DKW tried to point out that the car's two stroke three cylinder engine was the equivalent of a four stroke six cylinder engine. Sonderklasse, roughly translated, means "special class". The F91 name was the factory project number of the car. The "F" stood for "Frontantrieb" (Frontwheel drive). The 900 name came from the car's engine displacement and was the last name used.

This one is a Sonderklasse.

Still with me?

This car most likely has the 40HP 2 stroke engine in it. The transmission is most likely a 3 speed, with, like on Saab's 2 stroke engines, freewheeling capabilities.

I say "most likely" because this car was recently donated to a non-profit organization. That's pretty cool, but it means the seller seems to know little about the car and doesn't leave a very good description in the eBay listing. He does write "Runs and drives. Professionally maintained by owner. Some records available. Original owners manual and maintenance instruction book with vehicle."

DKW was part of the Auto Union group, which evolved into the present day Audi.

It's tough to write about this car with the description being so vague. It appears to be in very, very, nice condition. The seller does say you can contact him for more information.

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to see the eBay listing for this car.

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