Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1993 Dinan BMW 850Ci

In my eyes there are very few vehicles as beautiful as the BMW E31 8 Series. Their beauty is not limited to the sheet metal. They're great to drive, reliable, and, as I wrote in an earlier post, almost practical.

But every car, no matter how good it is to begin with, can be improved upon... And that's why companies like Dinan exist. This is a Dinan tuned E31.

This car has a Dinan 6.0 "stroker" motor in it. It has Dinan suspension, brake and exhaust parts to go with that engine.

There's no way you can call any E31 a "sleeper". They are just too impressive looking not to be noticed. But, among E31s, this car is a "sleeper". The Dinan badge on the back, the exhaust and the wheels are the only things that tell you that this car is different. The real changes are where they can't be seen. That's what I love about this car.

I can't find any performance figures on this car, but it's safe to say it's fast and handles incredibly well. You don't get the reputation Dinan has by building half-assed cars.

This car has 27,000 miles on it. The "Buy Iy Now" price is $32,000.00. That kind of money will buy you a brand new Volvo S60 2.5T, BMW 328i, Mercedes-Benz C Class and a whole bunch of other nice cars (and some not so nice ones, too). None of them, though, will have the looks, performance and exclusivity of this Dinan BMW 850Ci.

Located in St. Louis, MO, click here to see the eBay listing (and a ton of good, clear pictures) for this car.

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Richard said...

Always loved the 8 Series BMW, 850csi would be the one to go for but your looking at double the price of the Dinan to pay for it. I assume there were a lot of Dinan variations for the 8 series, I believe even a supercharged V12? So getting performance figures would be tricky. Its a pity the 8 series was a flop, I guess a lot of buyers were thinking it was a sports car but with its weight its more of a GT. New these were $100k plus, factor in inflation and the low millage, this car must have cost the previous owner around $5 a mile to run!