Monday, September 28, 2009

2001 TVR Tuscan

If you've been reading this blog for awhile you've probably figured out that I have a soft spot for TVRs.

There is no realistic / lawful way you could import this car into the US. I'm just pointing it out because it's an amazing car.
Maybe on my trip to England next year I'll find someone who'll let me drive theirs.

Click here
to see the eBay listing.

This is a video from the British Discovery Channel. At times it tries too hard to be too cute, but there are some nice videos of the car and some decent information included in it.

Direct link to video

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Richard said...

There is a TVR Chimaera here in California, I talked to the owner of the car and how he legally got it here. Problem is, he isn't a citizen, or even a permanent resident, the only way you can do it is on a years visa. No chance for me then.

I love TVR's, I just never loved the management of the company. Also, the engines have been a very weak point of the car, fantastic power but not really reliable. There are several third party companies who deal with TVR engines in the UK, improving the cooling, oil pumps, etc and even throw in some nice 3 year unlimited millage warranties. However, its all at a price and I think that the TVR should have had some US power under its hood. A nice LS1, LS2 etc is what the car was begging for.

The styling of all TVR's has been spot on, I'd say there a modern AC Cobra with the performance to match. The interior is an amazing place to be, makes a Ferrari look dull.

Still, TVR is no more, mismanaged for many years. Al Melling, the guy who designed the engines for modern TVR's, is selling the Wildcat. It looks less aggressive, but still imho looks fantastic. He even has options for various US V8's, all built to the customers specification. Worth checking out!