Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cash For Clunkers Tally

I'm still in shock...

My friend Jeff sent me the following e-mail last night at 10:40PM...

This is pretty amusing. The government released a list of all the cars that got scrapped. There are some on the list that really makes one wonder. - Jeff

PS - Don't blame me if you are up all night reading the list.

Cash For Clunkers Tally pdf

I didn't even get past the second page before my eyes bugged out of my head. (Which is not a pretty sight). An Aston Martin... AN ASTON MARTIN??? Good grief.

I was stunned by some of the cars on the list.

As for Jeff's PS - I was and I do.

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Richard said...

A big "hmmmmmmmmm" when it comes to the list, there are a lot of cars on the list which do not quality, 2006 Audi Cab? You'd be crazy to take $4500 for that. A 2008 Scion xD? No chance you would get the rebate. I can only assume its for all cars traded in, clunkers or not, but why you would report all the information?

Its sad to see some gems on there, TVR 280i, the Aston, 19 x XJ12's, 9 x XJR's.....sob

Still, every cloud has a silver lining, look at all the Explorers and Expeditions off the road :)