Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mercedes-Benz C230 2.3L Kompressor Sports Coupe

Indulge me here for a few minutes...

I haven't seen or heard from Kathie since 1999. Thursday, out of the blue, I got a call from her. "I'm coming to see you Friday. If you already have plans, change them." Uh, OK.

Kathie likes cars. She's not a car geek, but her first car was a hand-me-down from her parents, a Jaguar XJ6. Her first new car was an Acura Integra.
She's now driving a 2003 Mercedes Benz C230 Coupe.

We decided to take her car and go to Vermont, about an hour north of here. I drove. From Vermont we went to Newburyport, MA. From Newburyport, we wound up in Bourne, MA, aborting a plan to go to Cape Cod. From Bourne we took backroads through Rhode Island and Connecticut, until we got back to Massachusetts.

So why am I telling you all this? Because we did over 300 miles in 7 hours, including stops. All on different types of roads. All in the C230. I drove the whole time. I had never driven a C230. I had never driven any supercharged car before.

The C230 Coupe is an impressive car. The supercharged engine has tons of power and, unlike a turbo engine, it has a lot of low RPM torque. The 6 speed manual transmission lets you rev the hell out of it and keep the RPMs up when driving through the mountains. The car handles well and is built like you'd expect a Mercedes Benz to be built... It feels solid.

Best of all, used Mercedes-Benz C230 2.3L Kompressor Sports Coupes don't sell for a lot of money.

I thought I knew what I wanted to get when the time came to finally give up my BMW. Now I'm not so certain.

The car pictured above is located at a dealer in Fallston, MD. It has 89,000 miles on it. The asking price is $10,995.00

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to see the listing.

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