Thursday, October 15, 2009

1966 Sunbeam Tiger "Clone" - We Should All Have The Opportunity To Drive A Cool Car...

I'm really just posting this car for one JaCG reader.

Back in May I wrote a post about a Sunbeam Alpine (find it here). Shortly after posting that piece I received an e-mail from a guy who told me of his desire to own one.

He was looking for a specific Alpine; a rare automatic transmission Series IV. The Series IV was built in 1964 and 1965, and while an automatic transmission was an option, very few came through with it. (I've only ever seen one and that was in a car in a junkyard - I took the build plate off of it just because it was such an unusual car. I still have it somewhere.) In his e-mail he went on to explain that he had lost a leg to cancer and was unable to drive a car with a clutch. He then mentioned that it was his real desire to own a Sunbeam Tiger, but they never came through with an automatic transmission and he didn't want to "butcher" a classic by installing one. (The Sunbeam Tiger prototype actually did have an automatic transmission.)

That's why I'm posting this car...

This is a Sunbeam Tiger "clone". It started life as a 4 cylinder Alpine and was converted to a V8. During the conversion an automatic transmission was installed.

I am not a fan of bootleg Tigers. There are way too many out there being passed off as the real thing. This one is not. The seller is upfront about its origins and, besides the automatic, he made enough changes to the car (steering column, seats, different style wood on the dash, etc.) that there is no way anyone could think this is the real thing.

Normally I would see a listing like this and cringe. But when I saw this one I thought about the e-mail from D****. This car has already been converted (or butchered, depending on how you look at it) and there's no way it will ever go back to its original state. From the seller's description, it appears that the work was done very well. Given the work that was done to the car, the seller has a very realistic "Buy It Now" price of $13,250.00.

So here ya go, D****. I hope you're still reading the blog. (I lost your e-mail and therefor your e-mail address) This could be the car for you (and if I remember correctly, it's not too far from where you live).

Click here to see the eBay listing for this car.

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