Friday, October 16, 2009

1969 Triumph GT6+

The Jensen I posted the other day reminded me of some of the other British sports cars that went from being convertibles to hardtops.

The GT6 is based on the Triumph Spitfire. Unlike the Jensen and the similar convertible-turned-hardtop MGB GT, Triumph made a some changes to the running gear. The biggest was replacing the Spitfire's 4 cylinder engine with an inline 6.

This car is a 1969 GT6. Here in the US it was known at the GT6+, in the rest of the world it was known as the GT6 MK2. This, in my opinion, is the GT6 to have. The suspension was revised. The original GT6, like the Spitfire it was was based on, used swing axles. Triumph replaced them on GT6+ with a wishbone type suspension, which improved the handling significantly. The engine also gained a few more HP.

Body-wise, the MK2 still had the split rear bumper and rounded tail. Later cars got a chopped off tail and full length bumpers.

This is one of the nicest GT6s I've seen. The car has been restored and is a very, very nice driver-quality car. The few modifications that were done to the car are of the useful kind. The car now rides on Sumitomo 205 60 13 tires mounted on Minilites and it has a performance exhaust.

If you want all the fun of a classic British sports car, but don't care about or want a convertible top, this car could be a good choice.

Click here to see the eBay listing.

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hoov23 said...

I really like the GT6+. There seems to be a decent one popping up on eBay every so often, which is nice for a sort-of-obscure sports car that I've never seen driving around (I attended a huge Brit car event this summer and saw none). I think this price was good for the condition: it sold at $11.2K.