Thursday, October 8, 2009

1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal

Hmmmm... Are you a gambler?

This is part of an estate sale. The seller appears to know little about the car, including the correct spelling of Alfa Romeo. The car is complete and according to the seller, running.

The Montreal show car was introduced to the world in 1967 at Canada’s "Expo '67". The production model wasn't introduced until 1970. The engine is a 4 cam all aluminum 2600cc V8. It's essentially a detuned version of Alfa’s T33 racing engine. The body was designed by Bertone. The suspension is from the Giulia GTV.

Less then 4000 Montreal's were built between 1970 and 1977. None were "officially" exported to the US, although a few made their was across the Canadian border when the car was new.

This car appears to be in good, but not show condition. There is a small dent in the right rear quarter panel. The left side headlight louvers look to be damaged or out of place. The engine looks like the engine of a driver, not a show car.

So why would you have to be a gambler to buy this car? Well, the Montreal is a very expensive car to repair and maintain. While the parts it shares with other Alfas are not too tough to find, the parts unique to it are, in many cases, almost impossible. As the previous owner has passed away, finding out what the car needs may be impossible until you actually purchase it.

For many, many years the Montreal sold for relatively little money. That's slowly starting to change. As I write this, the current bid on the car is just over $11,000.00. There is no reserve. This could be a your chance to get into a very desirable, rare car for not much money... Or it could be your chance to learn what the term "money pit" really means. Feeling lucky?

Located in Oakwood, OH, click here to see the eBay listing for this car.

The Alfa Romeo Montreal Website is a good enthusiast website. It has a lot of pictures and some good information. You can find it here.


Max Power said...

Well how could the seller possibly know the correct spelling with it being there in HUGE BLOCK LETTERS in the rear of the car just like EVERY other Olpha Romero Vancouver produced (and most of their other cars in the early and mid 70's). Sorry I am so cranky but the misspelling of Alfa Romeo has always been a pet peeve of mine for some reason...same goes for Volkswagen and Dalmatian (both my local dealer and Disney store had that spelled 'Volkswagon' and 'Dalmation' on their receipts)

Just A Car Geek said...

The "Olpha Romero Vancouver"... That's great!