Thursday, October 29, 2009

1974 ½ MGB GT - A Rare MGB GT

This is a pretty interesting piece of MG history. The 1974½ MGB was manufactured September through December 1974. Under normal automobile building procedures, cars built during that time would have been built as 1975 models. MG was having some problems getting the B through the new US emissions standards for 1975, so essentially they skirted the new rules (for awhile) by building 7500 cars (roadsters and GTs) with the 1975 features, including the new rubber bumpers, but titling them as 1974s and calling them 1974½ cars. It was all legal as the cars did have a build date of 1974.

The 1974½ MGB GTs were the last GTs to be sent to the US. They are the only rubber bumper MGB GT ever sent to the US. There were just over 1200 1974½ GTs built in total. It's unclear how many of those were exported to the US.

Most people will agree that the massive rubber bumpers found on all MGBs after 1975 (well, 1974½, to be technically correct) did nothing for the looks of the car. This car, with it's silver paint and black hood stripes, doesn't look too bad. Actually, it looks pretty good. I don't like the "MG GT" and the stripes on the side, but the stripes on the hood, especially if they were extendeded the length of the car, really tie the silver car and black bumpers together.

Rubber bumper MGBs will never be worth as much as the chrome bumper cars. This may be the exception to the rule. With only 1200 built in total, it was rare when it was new. Rust (MGBs do rust badly), accidents and poorly done modifications have taken their toll on that original number. How many of these can be left?

This car has had some restoration work done in the past, but it's not a show car. It could be a very nice daily driver though, which is really what an MGB GT should be.

Located in Peoria, IL. click here to see the eBay listing.

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