Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1976 Jensen GT - Jensen's Last Gasp

The Jensen GT was a station wagon-like coupe version of the Jensen-Healey roadster. Supposedly, Donald Healey was so dissatisfied with the original Jensen-Healey that he no longer allowed his name to be associated with the car. The Jensen GT was an attempt to move the car upmarket. (Think of it as a small Jensen Interceptor, without the V8)

One of the biggest complaints about the original Jensen-Healey (besides the then brand new, untried Lotus engine) was scuttle shake. Adding a roof cured that and the Jensen GT is a nice car to drive.

Like so many other old cars, most of the problems the car had when leaving the factory have been addressed by the owners. These days a Jensen-Healey or Jensen GT are no worse to own than any other old car.

This was really Jensen's last gasp. Only 500 or so GTs were built before Jensen shut its doors. Some attempts were made to revive the marque over the years, but none were successful.

I don't know if this car is still for sale. It's listed on the owner's personal website and there is no mention of when the website was updated . Even if it's sold, the website is worth checking out. Click here to find it.

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Max Power said...

Why do I love 'shooting brakes' so much? A convertible Jensen Healy...meh. A 'regular' BMW Z3...yawn. The production version of the Audi TT...zzzz. Wait, someone added an ungainly hatch to these cars?! I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it...