Thursday, October 1, 2009

1976 Lancia Scorpion - All Original With 17,000 Miles

If this is what the seller says it is, this is an amazing find...

This is a 1976, 17,000 mile, Lancia Scorpion. Finding a 33 year old, 17,000 mile rust free Lancia Scorpion is pretty amazing. Finding the car in Connecticut is incredible. New England weather / road salt have destroyed cars far tougher than a Lancia Scorpion.

I've seen several Scorpions (maybe even this one) at car shows and they always look best in red or silver. This car is silver over red, a very nice color combination.

This is one of those cars that I'm not sure I'd buy. I would love to own a Scorpion, but this one's low mileage and original condition would almost make me not want to drive it.

Worst of all, it's original condition would make me not want to modify it. The Scorpion is a car that screams for modifications. The Scorpion is an "Americanized" Lancia Montecarlo. The Scorpion's engine was smaller (and "de-smogged") than the engine in the Montecarlo (an 81 HP 1756 cc vs. the Montecarlo's 120 HP 1995 cc engine) and it used taller springs. Both of those changes were necessary to get the car into compliance with EPA and DOT rules, but they did nothing for the car's performance. Most Scorpions you see today have been lowered and have had the engine modified, if not completely changed.

Not many Scorpions were built (less than 1400 in 1976). Very few survive. It would be a shame to use this car as anything other than a show car.

If you don't mind having a Lancia sitting in your garage that isn't living up to its full potential and really shouldn't be driven very often, this may be a one of a kind opportunity.

Click here to see the eBay listing.

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Max Power said...

I have been waiting for the closing of the refinancing of my mortgage to close for almost two months now. Very frustrating, as after doing so, it will save me approximately $1000 per month and I will even have some money left over of which I was planning to use to put a down payment on a new A5.

So what does this have to do with the Lancia Scorpion? All I know is that THANK GOD the closing is delayed because if it wasn't, I wouldn't just bid on this car, I would press that friggin Buy it Now for $8500 button within a millesecond!!!

In other words, the car I lusted after in Junior High back in the late 70's. And specifically the early 1976 models with the metal rear buttress, silver with a red interior. This is my Eleanor.

Trust me, it is SOOOOO tempting yet I do not have a mechanical bone in my body and where in ther world would I take a temperamental rare Italian car with a dealer network that barely existed in the first place?