Friday, October 30, 2009

1976 Mercury Capri Rokstock RSR Turbo

This is cool. As I've written in the past, I have a soft spot for the European Capri. I once had a girlfriend who owned one and I drove it quite a bit. It was a fun car to drive.

Her car was nothing like this one...

This is a 1976 Mercury Capri Rokstock RSR Turbo.

There is not a lot written about these cars, so I'll use some of the text from the eBay listing:
It is a 1976 Mercury Capri (But seeing as I am English I prefer to say Ford) 2.8 V6 Black Cat model, which in many respects is the same as the UK version that was called the John Player Special (JPS). This is the MK2 version of the Capri that was sold here in North America.

This car was modified by an independent of Ford company called Rokstock back in 1980. Rokstock was owned and run by Richard O'Kiser, a well known engine tuner in the 70's and 80's. He offered a full tuning package for the MK2 V6 Capri that would turn your run of the mill Capri into a highly capable race track weapon. The obvious additions to the standard car is the fitment of the turbocharger to boost the power to 180BHP(65% increase over standard) but under the surface the improvements continued! The suspension has been lowered and stiffened and an additional axle locator fitted to the rear. I have owned several Capri's including a 2.8i and the RSR handles like it is on rails.

The Capri was a really good car that never sold very well in the US. Ford never spent much time or money promoting it, especially after they introduced the Mustang II. In many ways the Capri was the "Mustang" of Europe. In almost every way, especially in V6 form, it was twice the car the Mustang II ever dreamed of being.

After doing some research, the seller believes there were 35 of these cars made. He knows of only two others in existence today. He also states that the odometer shows the car having only 39,000 miles on it. He writes "I am unsure whether this is genuine, however the way it drives, shifts and sounds I would not be surprised if this is correct." Given that this car is from Canada and that Capris rusted as badly as any 1970s car, I, too, would suspect that mileage is correct.

This car sounds like it's a blast to drive. If I bought it I'd probably double its mileage in a year.

Located in Granum, AB, Canada, click here to see the eBay listing.


Unknown said...

i have the no 3 car. to the best of my knowledge 28 numbered cars were produced. now, if you owned a capri you could get p partial conversion done i.e. turbo, suspendion, body kit or any combo depending on budget. the only way to get a numbered car was to buy it compleat from rokstock. the cost of a converted car was 12,400
in 1976, about a 10,000 option. now the way to tell is on the badgeing on the core suport. if it says 'none' under the serial number portion it is a tuned car not a factory deal. in 1976 capri was its own company, but colaberated with ford as part of their race program. ford didn't aquire capri until 1978. if anyone is interested i can give you some more info

Anonymous said...

I currently own the car in your pics,located in Revelstoke B.C.and will entertain all purchase offers, contact

Anonymous said...

Thats my old car I owned that beautiful beast from 1999 to 2001 in Portland Oregon. Soon after blowing a head gasket going 145 mph I called Rick (Mr RokStock) and he made me an offer on the car to get it back in his possesion. He had #2 stolen back in the 80's FYI. I loved this car and tell my son about the great times I had as a 20 yr old owning a car of this caliber.... One great story was when picking up a friend from downtown and he wasnt used to the ridiculous acceleration of the car. We were sitting at the light at westside of the Burnside bridge ready to head over it. The light changed I gave her all she had, shifting from 3 to 4 I took a quick look at the speedo 135 mph !!! and climbing... I look over at my buddy and he was gasping for air sucked back into the seat so hard he looked like a cartoon ... Lol I'll never forget that till the day I die... . Take care of her
Scott Gustafson

Unknown said...

I had a '77 Capri II in the early 80's...Silver/Black Cologne V6 4 Speed... LOVED that car... One of the ones I wish I'd held onto..

Unknown said...

I had a 76 Capri II Black Cat in the middle 80's. Bought it in Michigan, however very little rust. It was hard to find parts for but I loved it. Wish I had it back.

Josh said...

I still have my first car, a 1974 Capri, now in "garage-find" condition, sorry to say. I bought most of the parts I customized it with from ROKStock. I still have a the catalog from them that inspired my dreams. My personal treasures are the Cromodora wheels that my Dad and I drove down to Portland to pick up from ROK. It was a labor of love, my Dad and I working on the Capri, with suspension mods, fender flares, and the signature ROK whale tail rear spoiler. If anyone is looking for a good project car, I would let it go for a very reasonable price. Just so I know that it's going to someone who might treasure her the way I did as a teenager.

John deBarros said...

I had 2 of these Capri's, both 76's and both chocolate brown, one base 2.8l and one 2.3l Ghia, absolutely love these cars. If you are serious about letting her go, reach out to me at