Monday, October 12, 2009

1980 MGB Limited Edition

The "Limited Edition" MGBs were the last MGBs to roll off the assembly line in Abingdon. Using the term "limited edition" was a bit of a marketing ploy. Over 6500 of these cars were built. (In MG's defense, there were over 512,000 MGBs built during its run, so 6500 cars is just over 1%. You could say that makes it limited.)

Whether or not you consider a run of 6500 cars "limited" or not, this is probably the rubber bumper MGB to have. All LE's came to the US painted black (which for awhile gave them the nickname of "Funeral Edition" or "Black Beauty Edition"). The black paint made the big rubber bumpers less noticeable and the car is attractive. The LEs also had graphics on the lower part of the body and a sport steering wheel. Mechanically there were, unfortunately, no changes.

This car is very impressive. It has had only two owners since new. The last one, the seller, has owned it for 28 years. It has just over 73,000 miles on it and has never been restored. With the exception of normal wear and tear parts, a Weber downdraft carb and a Kenwood CD player, it is essentially the same car that left the factory 29 years ago. The car still has its original tonneau cover, cockpit cover, jack and tools. (About the Weber carb... Having owned a 1980 MGB, I can tell you firsthand that a Weber carb is the best investment you can make on an MGB. Sometimes, even on classics, you just have to say the hell with originality. The Weber does wonders in improving the drivability and reliability of the MGB.)

I suspect the seller wants top dollar for this car, but it's probably worth it. How many other completely original MGB LEs have you seen?

Located in New York, click here to see the eBay listing.

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