Thursday, October 22, 2009

1981 Ferrari Mondial Coupe

The Ferrari Mondial Coupe is the least expensive old Ferrari you can buy these days.

There is nothing inherently wrong with a Mondial, the prices are low because it's a fixed roof 2+2 and it's a V8, not a V12. Still, it's a Ferrari and there's no such thing as a boring Ferrari.

The price of the car may be (relatively) low, but the cost of parts and service are expensive. ("You gotta pay to play", as they say.) Preventative maintenance is a must on any Ferrari. In exchange for that maintenance, a Ferrari will give you a driving experience that, well, only a Ferrari can.

The car listed on eBay has a "Buy It Now" price of $22,000.00. It has just over 10K miles on it. The listing includes 100 pictures. It's worth checking out.

Located in Dallas, Texas, click here to see the eBay listing.

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Max Power said...

I remember back in the day when these came out thinking that the proportions were awkward and anyone would be crazy getting one over the gorgeous 308/328 ( the puny rear seats were going to replace the family Voyager or Multipla?). In looking at it again, I actually think it is a fine looking automobile and if I had the spare scratch, I'd get it in a second. I guess to me it is one of those designs that got much better with age (the Porsche 928 was another as well...despised it at first and by the end of its run, I adored it)

Richard said...

My father has a convertible Mondial, when he told me he purchased it my first reaction was "isn't that the Ferrari no one wants?", not the most tactile thing to say! Actually looking back its probably the 400i that no one wants. Anyway, when it arrived I was very impressed, pictures of these cars never do them justice. When its sitting in front of you they really look the part, they have that Ferrari presence. While expensive to maintain, I actually found the parts to be not that bad for a Ferrari. I guess most people who purchase a Mondial drive things as there never going to be worth big bucks so there is enough parts and support out there with some cars hitting 6 figures on the clock. If I am correct, I think this has the engine which appeared in the Dino/308 engine, so I stick my neck out and say its the cheapest Ferrari to maintain (although not that powerful). That price is amazing, you could by the car, drive it and sell it for what you paid, these will never be worth less than $20K. The lack of depreciation could offset the running costs.