Saturday, October 10, 2009

1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI With 517 Original Miles!

I got home late tonight and found an e-mail from my friend, John. It was the link to this car. All he wrote was "Ah, WOW!".

This is really a 1984 VW Rabbit GTI with only 517 miles on it. There's no point in me writing about this (I mean, really, what can I say?), so I'll just quote the text from the eBay listing...

This 1984 GTI Rabbit is my father's car. He is the one and only original owner. He bought this little slot car in Jan 1985 brand new from the dealer. It was driven home and later driven to CMC Stereo Center to upgrade the stereo to a Blaupunkt stereo and four Alpine speakers, this was top of the line back then. The car was later rustproofed with the LATEST WAX treatment in his garage by a personal friend. We have ALL documentation. Within two weeks my dad had back surgery. The car sat in his garage for months hoping to fully recover from surgery.Years went by....two more surgeries, 25 years later it is time to sell. He simply can't drive a stick shift anymore. My father had owned a Shell Service station for 50 years, he knows how to maintain a vehicle LOL and is quite the perfectionist.

You won't find a newer GTI like this anywhere. It still smells new inside. It should be in a VW museum somewhere. This car is truly a "TIME CAPSULE". All original, original owner, all original documents, blue car cover in trunk, 515 original miles, nothing needed but a set of license plates. We have put three new batteries in the car over 25 years , second set of tires . We have started this car monthly . All rubber is like new! Everything is like new. Never driven in the rain snow or anywhere as a matter of fact. We guarantee you will not find a newer one than this. the only flaws are a couple of bicycle handle bar nicks ( two small dings , one on front fender and the other on the rear). Nothing difficult to repair. This car starts perfect.......runs perfect ..........looks perfect.....It never sat out in the sun for any amount of time. New, it sold for $8799.00 it should have held it's retail price. .LOL IT NEEDS NOTHING!!!! But someone to drive it, it handles like a slot car. I owned a similar one 18 years ago, they are a blast to drive and carve the curves like a true sports car.

"Ah, WOW!", indeed.

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to see the eBay listing for this amazing car.

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