Friday, October 23, 2009

1992 Audi S4 - A Classic Being Offered by an Audi Dealer

I like this eBay listing a lot. Not only do I like the car, but I like the fact that it's an older, high mileage Audi being sold by an Audi dealer. You rarely see dealers selling cars like this. They're usually wholesaled or sent to auction. The S4 was an important part of Audi's recent history and this dealer seems to recognize that.

Audi's numbering system can be a little confusing. The S4 was was the performance version of the mid-sized Audi 100. Audi stopped using the 100 name in 1994. It re-badged the car as the Audi A6 and the S4 became the S6. The current A4, and it's performance variations, were actually replacements for the Audi 80 / 90 series, which was a smaller than the 100. The current S4 is based on the smaller A4.

The 1992 S4 had a 20-valve, 2.2-liter inline 5 cylinder engine rated at 227-hp, about 25 more horsepower than the Audi 100. The suspension was sport-tuned and firmer than the 100. It, of course, had Audi's Quattro AWD system, which gave it great great handling characteristics in all types of weather. Performance was good for a big car, with 60 MPH coming in just about 6 seconds.

The car being offered on eBay is pushing 200,000 miles. It appears to be in overall good condition. There are a few dings and scrapes here and there, along with plenty of sand and rock chips, but that's to be expected on a high mileage 17 year old car.

The interior looks very good and the car sits on some aftermarket wheels that look great and appear to be in good condition. As you would expect from a high-end Audi, it has every option Audi offered in 1992.

Older Audis do have problems. The power windows and the sunroof tend to quit. The 5 cylinder engine will usually need to have its headgasket replaced at some point during its life. The biggest and most expensive problem with older Audis, failure of the automatic transmission, doesn't apply to this car as it's a 5 speed.

This is just a cool old Audi. It's great to see an Audi dealer selling it. I know that the Lemon Laws in a number of states makes it difficult for a dealership to sell older cars like this, but wouldn't it be cool if you could drive past your local Audi dealer and see a UR Quattro out front, or drive past a BMW dealership with a 2002tii in the showroom? (Nissan did a brilliant thing when in 1998 they purchased original Datsun 240Zs, professionally restored them, and sold them at their dealerships. It was successful program and I hoped it was going to start a trend, but sadly it didn't.)

The seller of this car, Maplewood Audi, in Maplewood, MN, doesn't offer much info in the listing, but includes plenty of pictures and gives a phone number to call with any questions you might have. Click here to see the listing.