Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1992 Jaguar XJ6

Yesterday I posted a Jaguar XJS Cabriolet. JaCG reader, Richard, posted a comment about that car. In his comment he mentioned a dealer in his area that has another Jaguar XJS for sale. I had to check out the site.

The XJS Richard was referring to is really nice, but this car caught my eye.

I may take a bit of heat for this, but I really like the early, boxy XJ40 XJ6. Although the XJ40 wasn't introduced until 1986, development for these cars started in the 1970s. I think it's that 70s rectangular headlight-sharp angle-slab sided look that appeals to me.

By the time the original XJ6 was discontinued, Jaguar had a handle on quality control and it's pretty much agreed that the Series 3 XJ6 was the best car (quality-wise) Jaguar had built up to that point. That didn't carry over to the early XJ40 XJ6.

The XJ40 had all sorts of problems when new. Electrical issues, engine issues, transmission problems, even the body (door handles especially) had problems. When Ford took control of Jaguar in 1989 the quality improved, but the car was still not up to German and Japanese standards.

Besides liking the looks of these cars, I'm pointing this out for another reason. This is an almost forgotten Jaguar. The original XJS was such a beautiful design that it's already considered a classic in many circles. The car that followed the XJ40, the X300 XJ6, was a throwback to the original XJ6, with a much more rounded look. It was the look people expected to see from Jaguar and it sold quite well. The XJ40 is now sort of looked at as a placeholder between the two.

The XJ40 XJ6 doesn't sell for a lot of money. This one is close to top dollar. The color, green, looks great with the tan interior. There appears to be some wear on pieces of the interior (the center armrest looks like it needs repair), but the rest of the car looks very nice.

I have this bizarre fantasy of someday buying a temperamental car somewhere far away and driving it back home, just to see what kind of adventures I would have. This car, being in Costa Mesa, CA is about as far away from me as a car can get and still be in the continental US. Thank god I can't take any serious time off from work anytime soon. If I could, I might be taking a flight to Costa Mesa and attempting to drive home in a 17 year old Jaguar.

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to see the listing for this 1992 Jaguar XJ6.

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Richard said...

Although the XJ40 did have some major electrical problems during its initial release, by 1990 the car was pretty well 'sorted'. I believe there were a few improvements for 1992 and its one of the better cars to go for. I have looked at a few of these in the past, its amazing how many miles they can rack up and still look and drive like new. Inside is the place to be, I never got over the front end of the car. I wonder if there is any truth to the urban legend that the clay model melted which resulted in the slightly sagging back and front?