Thursday, October 29, 2009

1998 Alfa Romeo Spider - It's Back... Caveat Emptor

I wrote about this car in July. (Find the post here) The first paragraphs of that post went like this:

Caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor.

I'm not commenting on the legality of this car. The seller says it's legal and for the sake of this post, I'm going to believe him. However, if you're looking into buying this car, do your homework. Do lots of homework. One of the most notorious cases of bringing illegal cars into the US involved a company called Autodelta and the Alfa Spider. If this car is not 100% EPA & DOT compliant, you run the risk of having it seized. 'Nuff said.

I'm still not commenting on the legality of this car, but for 2 reasons I'm pointing out that it's back on eBay:

1) It's a really interesting car and one that is rarely seen in the US.

2) The listing now has pictures of it with the top up. Honestly, I had never seen a photograph of the car with the top up before. (I'm sure they exist, I had just never seen one.) Almost any convertible looks great with the top down, but the true test of the design is what it looks like with the top up. This car looks really good with the top up.

Everything I've read about the Spider in European car magazines makes me want to own one, but I don't have enough money to risk losing $20K+ on a car that may or may not be legal.

Click here to see the new eBay listing for this 1998 Alfa Romeo Spider.

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Richard said...

haha, this one keeps popping up all over the place! I noticed a few forums, blogs, etc on the web with big discussions on how legal this is. Even with the owner/seller chiming in that its completely legal as it 'has a title'. Of course, how it got the title is another question. With the recent Kaizo drama and the seizure of many Skyline GT-R's we can assume that the rules for importing a vehicle have not relaxed, if anything they have become more stringent. So for someone to shell out big money for a car that could be taken away at any time this would prove to be one huge gamble.