Monday, October 12, 2009

MG 1100 - Too Far Gone...

This is such an obscure car here in the US. It's too bad that it appears to be too far gone to realistically restore.

The MG 1100 was, in the US, the forerunner to the Austin America. Both were part of BMC's ADO16 range, which was a best seller for many years in the UK. The 1100 had a 1098cc engine, as opposed to the 1275cc engine that came in the America. Like the America, it had the Hydrolastic suspension and a transmission that shared its lubrication with the engine.

Also like the America, the MG 1100 had some serious rust issues. This car appears to have been sitting outside for a very long time. (It looks like it has sunken into the ground.) I suspect there's a lot of rust underneath this car. If that's the case, it's really not financially or practically feasible to try and restore this car.

Oh well, we can't save them all...

This is a press release photo for the 1100, circa 1962.

Click here to see the eBay listing for this MG 1100 (which the seller has misidentified as an Austin America)

Click here to find a very good website dedicated to the MG 1100.

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Richard said...

My uncle called me one day, "I found a British car, its free, do you want it?". A free car? Of course I do! So I drove down to where he was and noticed a MG 1100 sitting by a barn in the distance. Now, my uncle has restored a Chevy Nomad, so he knows the work that is involved, but this thing was way too far gone, the floors were, well there were no floors left. I took the carbs off the original motor to play with and found nothing else of any value. It had its original motor, 68k on the clock which was amazing as the A Series usually blew up at half that millage with the long Californian highways. Even if you did take a project like that on, you can pick a mint running example in the UK for next to nothing (actually for the price of a brand new interior kit in the US). Its sad to see these very rare cars rotting away.