Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Saab Story...

I love stuff like this...

I received this e-mail a week or so ago...


I love Saabs and am so glad to read on your site that they are getting away from GM. I agree with your friend… going with GM was a bad move for SAAB lovers. First they changed the body styles and went downhill from there. I’ll be watching to see what happens with SAAB in the future.

I have what I think is an interesting story.....

This yellow Sonnett III listed on your site at A Saab Opinion / A Saab Sonnet For Sale appears to be my car!!! By My Car I mean the Sonnett I owned in the early 70’s.

When I bought this car only dull colors were available. This one was “pea soup green”. NOT a good color.

Then... One snowy winter day (in Chicago) I was driving down a suburban country road when I hit a patch of ice, spun out and hit a tree with the front corner of my car.

When the body shop did the repair work they said they would need to paint the front end and the color may not match the rest because of the age of the existing paint. Well! I took this opportunity to have the entire car painted.

I went to their shop and picked out my favorite… Sunshine yellow! This paint is a VW paint. At that time they were the only ones who had this color. At this time the guy I was dating was the Service Manager at the SAAB shop where I had work done on my car. When the body shop returned my car (they delivered it to him because the shop was closer and I wanted them to check out all the mechanics before I drove it) he put on the SAAB racing stripes on the sides at the bottom and painted the back panel flat black. This car was my baby!!!!!

When I moved to Hawaii there wasn’t any SAAB dealers or authorized mechanics so I wasn’t able to bring my baby with me. Instead I sold it to a very close friend. It was like selling my soul!

While living in Hawaii I have owned 2 more SAAB’s. One was a 99 and the other a 900.

Just a note… my boyfriend who put the racing stripes on my little car also had a blue Sonnett that he raced in the SCCA races until very recently. He passed away not long ago.

Ahhhhh! The good old days!
I sure wish I had my baby back!

For those of you who are yellow Saab Sonnet fans, there is a different one now available on eBay (shown above). This is a 1973. It's been off the road for a few years but kept in a heated storage area during that time.

This car needs some minor attention, but would be a great winter project.

Located in Evanston, Illinois,Click here to see the eBay listing.

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Richard said...

It's good news that Saab is now out of GM's hands. The whole deal in the first place was, well, wasn't exactly a great decision for both companies. GM tries to buy a stake in Jaguar, gets booted out of the deal by Ford then decides to buy half of Saab to compete in the luxury car market (I think GM was a little p*ssed off). Trying to develop 900's and 9000's into Jaguar and BMW alternatives wasn't a great move. Not that the 900 & 9000 were bad cars, but FWD, smaller engines and quirky styling, just a completely different market. I am hoping the new owners bring back the Sonnet, I hope they bring back the quirky-ness to Saab, they will never sell millions of cars, but I hope they get back into building solid, fun cars who appeal to oddball car fanatics!

Great story btw