Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekend Quickies

1960 Austin Gipsy - Back in March I wrote a post about this Austin Gipsy. (You can read it here) In the past 6 months it has been sold, won an award at a car show and is now back on eBay.

As I wrote in my first post, this would be completely impractical to use every day, but it would be a great vehicle to bring to shows.

Click here to see the eBay listing.

1972 BMW 2002tii Touring
- Now this is cool. BMW never officially exported the 2002 Touring to the US. This one was privately imported around 20 years ago.

Essentially, this car is a hatchback version of the legendary 2002tii. Personally, I think they look better then the sedan.

This car has a rare factory sunroof, and the even rarer Recaro seat option. It has been restored / refurbished to near perfect condition.

The asking price for this car is high, but it's condition and rarity probably make it worth the price.

Located in San Diego, CA, click here to see the eBay listing. The seller includes some high quality photos that are worth checking out.

1980 Mercedes Benz 500SLC - This is interesting for 2 reasons. First of all, it's a gray market car. It has the 5.0 liter V8, the small european bumpers and the little spoiler on the back.

Secondly, this car is being auctioned by Goodwill Industries. Goodwill Industries is a non-profit organization (you've probably seen some of their stores) that provides career training, employment opportunities, housing help and more to people in need.

The auction is taking place on November 14, in Louisville, Kentucky. It appears to be a "no reserve" auction, meaning you could possibly walk away with a classic old Mercedes for a bargain price.

Click here to see the Craigslist listing for further details.

1989 Honda CRX Si - I mentioned in an earlier post that my ex-significant-other bought one of these brand new. (You can find the post here.) I drove it often. It was a fun, fast, incredibly reliable car.

This 1989 CRX Si has a claimed 53,000 miles on it. It, like the one I wrote about earlier, is a completely stock, unmodified car. A rare find these days.

If you're looking for a fun "classic" that gets great gas mileage and runs forever, a CRX Si is worth looking into.

Located in Maryland, click here to see the eBay listing for this car.

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