Friday, November 20, 2009

1959 Renault 4CV Race Car - Ya "Gotta See This Freak" (Again)...

I wrote a short blurb about this car back in February. Back then it was being offered by a Renault collector who really didn't know what he had, but had a great sense of humor about it. He titled his eBay listing, "Gotta See This Freak".

A freak it is, but it's a cool one. This car was originally built by Renault for autocross events. According to paperwork with car it was modified with wider wheels, race exhaust headers, flared fenders were and a 903cc engine with a Gordini head. It was used for 2 years and then put into storage. In 1984, Larry Newberry, who owns a place called MicroCar Lot, bought it, raced it for 2 years and then sold it to the Renault collector in Colorado who, after storing it and not using it for 25 years, listed it on eBay last February. Larry Newberry bought it back.

It's on eBay again, this time a little more sorted and "lightly" restored. It has new brakes, radiator, headliner, water pump and floor mats. According to the listing it runs and drives.

The fact that a car like this, built by a company that is not held in high regard in the US, survived this long is incredible. As the seller writes, "This would be a great addition to a museum or racecar collector. We however discourage someone from buying for a daily driver. However it would make a great vintage racecar. We are not saying it would be competitive, but it would be fun." I bet it would be.

Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, click here to see the eBay listing.

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Anonymous said...

Had one of these when I was a teenager in Illinois, not a race model but the original 850cc. It intrigued everybody at my high school because it could be started with a crank. My brothers and I used it as a snowmobile--in 1965 it was probably the only front-wheel drive car in central Illinois. No, wait, there was a guy in Moweaqua who had a Saab.