Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1965 Lancia Flavia Sport Zagato 1.8

This car has been on and off eBay for a year now. If I remember correctly, the seller was originally looking for a price somewhere in the mid-thirty-thousand dollar range. Last June he dropped the price to $23,000.00. It's now listed for $26,500.00. Raising the price is an interesting selling strategy. What can I say? If you want it, buy it now before it goes back up to $30,000.00.

Zagato liked to push the design envelope and the Flavia Sport Zagato is a perfect example of that. The first thing you notice is the quarter windows, which extend up into the roof. (Which is painted silver - the original color of this car). The nose is nice looking and the creased grille, which extends into the hood line, is a cool touch. The back end is a mix of several different styles. The quarter panels have a rounded sculptured look, the C pillars are huge and extend down towards the tail lights and the trunk is almost a bustle trunk. I'm not sure it all works, but it sure is fun to look at.

The body is aluminum and the 1.8 liter engine easily propels this car to over 100 MPH. These cars were raced successfully in Europe.

According to the seller, the interior was recently retrimmed with new vinyl on the seats and wool carpets. It looks gorgeous. - A note here to my friends who were amazed and amused at the location of the shifter in my Alfa Spider... Take a look at this car; the shifter is absolutely horizontal. Cool.

The car is in overall good shape, but does need some work. The seller says that it will need brakes "immediately" and includes a full set of brake pads with the car. Also, the speedometer and odometer are not working.

Honestly, given a choice between this and a Fulvia like the one I featured on Monday, I'd take the Fulvia. This car is interesting, but its design is a bit over the top for my tastes. But, with only a handful of the 626 Flavia Sport Zagatos built still in existence, this would be a great driver for someone looking for a unique, rare and historical Italian car.

Located in Ventura, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.


Richard said...

This thing has been forsale forever! I have trouble figuring out why the seller just does not fix the brakes and speedo, they would appear to be not that big of a job, esp at that asking price.

A very interesting car but Zagato's designs have never excited me (apart from the Alfa SZ), the are all way over the top and imho have not aged well.

Just A Car Geek said...

I have to wonder why, after a year, he didn't put the brake pads on and get the gauges fixed.

It seems like a turnkey car would be an easier sell.

It's an interesting car, though.