Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1968 NSU Ro 80 - Back on eBay

I wrote about this NSU Ro 80 back in July . I included a brief history of the car and some links to Ro80 websites. You can find the post here.

The car is back on eBay with a few more pictures, but it's still a vague listing.

Check out my original post, then check out this car. There are very, very few of these left in the US. I have never seen one in person. The Ro 80 is a historically significant car, not only for its rotary engine, but for its influence on future Audi body designs. This car, which the seller says runs and has a "great" body, deserves to be restored. Frustratingly, the seller includes no pictures of the engine bay or interior.

Located in "USA, United States" (I'm not kidding. That's where the seller states the car is located), click here to see the eBay listing.

A big thanks to Just a Car Geek reader, Steve, for this submission.


Max Power said...

Wait wait wait...the Ro80 was sold here in the US?! I had assumed that the owner brought it over here from Europe but those sealed beam headlights tell a different story. I had no idea that NSU had sold the car something new every day

Just A Car Geek said...

I don't think they sold many here, but they tried...

This is a US model. It has the US spec headlights.