Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1974 BMW Bavaria - An Everyday Classic...

Yesterday I wrote about the $250,000.00 6 Series. The seller claimed to have $92,000.00 invested in it and was trying to get his investment back, plus $158,000.00. His logic was somewhat, uh, insane.

Here's a guy with a different story. He too, has a lot of money tied up in this car. Not $92,000.00, but over $16,000.00. He's asking $7500.00 for it. A reasonable price, given the work he's done.

The seller bought this car on eBay 2 years ago. He paid $4400.00 for it. The car hadn't been driven since 1989, and it turned out that the engine was shot. He then bought what he believed to be a good used engine. It too, turned out to be junk. He finally bought a fuel injected 3.5 liter engine and a 5 speed transmission out of an '87 5 Series and had them installed. The car now runs fine.

I've always liked the Bavaria. A big sedan with a big engine. It was a car that was unique to North America.

This car is a rust free example. It looks great in its original dark green paint. The seller gets huge points in my book for leaving the body completely stock. Although the car now has a 5 speed in it, he left the "Automatic" badge on the back. Cool. The interior is, as the seller puts it, "used but not abused". The seats and carpet look good and the dash has no cracks.

The car needs some very minor work. The air-conditioning does not blow cold and the paint has a few stone chips.

This is a great everyday classic. For $7500.00, you get the classic looks of a 35 year old BMW, but the reliability of a modern fuel injected car. This is the type of modified car I like.

The seller realizes that even though he's invested $16,000.00 in the car, it's still a 1974 Bavaria, and it's worth no more than any other well modified Bavaria is worth, no matter what the investment. He's taking an $8500.00 hit on the car, but that sometimes happens when you buy an old car. The quarter-of-a-million-dollar 6 Series guy should take note of that.

This is another one of those cars that, if I had the storage space, I'd buy in a minute.

Located in Battleground, WA, click here to see the eBay listing.

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