Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1975 Jaguar XJ6 C

How do you know a car has classic lines? When it comes from the factory painted a brownish / greenish / yellow color and it still looks great.

The XJ6C was based on the short wheelbase XJ6. It was available with Jaguar's I6 or V12 engine. Originally presented at the 1973 International Motor Show, production was delayed until 1975 due to labor strikes and problems with the coupe body. Had it been available in 1973 it would have been the top of the line Jaguar for a couple of years, and the only 2 door Jaguar available. However, by the time it hit the showrooms, the XJS was available and many people looking for a 2 door Jaguar chose it over the XJ6C.

In total, worldwide, including Daimler versions, just over 10,000 XJ6Cs were built. Like the XJ6 it was based on (and, really, most 70s built cars) it was prone to rust and very few are left today. According to Paul Phillips, who runs a coupe parts house and coupe registry, there are less than 200 left the US.

The XJ6C shared all of the XJ6's considerable virtues . It was roomy, handled well, rode better than just about any car without a Rolls Royce badge on it and had a smooth engine with plenty of power. It also shared the XJ6s vices. As mentioned, it's prone to rust. British electrical systems are, well, British electrical systems. It is also prone to running hot in warmer climates. Parts, especially Coupe specific parts, are expensive.

The car being offered on eBay is being sold by a "Jaguar enthusiast". He states that he's the second owner that he bought from a "little old lady". He has since done a complete top-end engine rebuild, full transmission rebuild, driveshaft rebuild, installed new shock absorbers, new brake hoses, new tires, new power steering rack, hoses & pump, new A/C compressor, alternator, and a rebuilt radiator. He also put on a later, Series III, grill. All XJ6Cs came through with vinyl roofs when new, but like most XJ6Cs I've seen, it has (mercifully) been removed from this car.

This car is not a show car, but it's as nice of a driver as you're likely to find these days. The seller includes many large, clear, pictures in the listing.

Located in Los Angeles, California, click here to see the eBay listing.

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