Thursday, November 12, 2009

1978 Maserati Kyalami 4.2 Coupe GT

Have you ever seen one of these in the flesh? I haven't. It's a rare car, especially in the US.

The Kyalami was the first of DeTomaso's Maseratis.

After purchasing Maserati in 1975, DeTomaso needed a new Maserati model and he needed one quick. What he did essentially is take his Detomaso Longchamp (which was designed by Tom Tjaarda), have Pietro Frua's design studio in Turin do a re-style, and created the Kyalami. The car came with Maserati's 4.2 liter V8 and was available with either an automatic or 5 speed manual transmission.

The owner is selling this car because he has "too many Maserati projects and don't have the time to do this car justice." I wish I had "too many Maseratis projects".

This car was originally blue and was painted red at some point in its life. The red "faux suede" in the interior was a recent addition and is a matter of personal taste, I guess. The seller says the it is in "fine condition and can be driven as is". It has some rust and could use new paint.

It's tough to say what this car is worth. It has a 5 speed, which I imagine is a lot of fun with the V8. There were just 150 of these cars made (most with automatic transmissions), but cars from the DeTomaso era of Maserati usually don't sell for a lot of money.

The seller is asking $24,000.00. He says that in Europe nice Kyalamis are selling for €45,000(roughly $67,000.00).

I have a soft spot for Maseratis. I'd buy a car like this. I'd have the rust fixed, repaint it (keeping it red - because Italian cars look best in red), ditch the "faux suede" and drive the hell out of it. Some people would criticize me for doing that, but in my mind that's what a Maserati like this is for.

Located in Montecito, California, find it here on eBay.


Max Power said...

I dig the Fiat 130 Coupe taillights on it...I never realized that they did that.

greyintheusa said...

I never realized they made this car...

Monkey Boy said...

Not only have I seen one of these I have worked on one and driven one. It's a bigger car than you think, but with that sweet V8 it feels smaller than it actually is. The one I worked on was brown with a brown interior a decent color combination for the car.

The car i repaired received a new exhaust and new Campagnolo stickers for the wheels.

I believe it's a face lift of the De Tomaso Longchamp

I never knew there was a spider version though... first owner Mrs. DeTomaso!


Just A Car Geek said...

Hey Tony!

That Longchamp convertible is pretty cool, although I like the hardtop Kyalami better.

It's a very telling sign of how little DeTomaso cars (except the Pantera and Mangusta) are worth when a one-off with an interesting history (Mrs. DeTomaso) like that one is only bid up to $25,000.00 at a Barrett Jackson auction in 2003 (when the economy was still "robust")

Here's a quicker link to the car...