Monday, November 9, 2009

1987 Citroen CX GTi

Citroen has a weird history in the US. Citroens never sold well here. By the early 1970s, Citroen had abandoned the US market. They never exported the CX to the US. But Citroen had a loyal, hardcore following here. Enough of a following that several gray market importers federalized and sold the Citroen CX. According to the Citroen Concours of America website, over 1000 were sold in the US. That's a huge number of gray market cars.

The CX was introduced in 1974. It won the prestigious European Car of the Year Award. This was the last Citroen designed completely in house. It was the last Citroen to designed with all the traditional Citroen styling and engineering idiosyncrasies and quirks. In 1975 Peugeot took over Citroen and slowly brought the company into the mainstream.

There were two companies importing the gasoline powered CX into the US, CINA (Citroen Importers of North America) from Georgia and CX Automotive from New Jersey. CINA took the standard gray market route and federalized the car as a Citroen. CX took a unique route and declared themselves a manufacturer. They "rebuilt" the CX in Belgium before shipping it to the US. CX cars were sold CXs, not Citroens. It's not clear what the car selling on eBay is titled as.

Not that it matters, both CINA and CX left the Citroen quirkiness pretty much intact. The car still has self-centering steering, a single spoke steering wheel, no steering column stalks and, of course, the hydro-pneumatic self-leveling suspension.

Every inch of this car makes it look like it was built on another planet. Along with the engineering, that's what makes a Citroen appealing to many people.

The CX being offered on eBay appears to be in very nice condition. The hydraulics are working as the seller includes pictures of the car raised and lowered. The interior looks clean and the body appears to be rust free. (Early CXs rusted badly, these later ones were much better.)

If you're looking for a semi-modern, uniquely engineered car that will attract attention everywhere you go, the Citroen CX is tough to beat.

Located in Peachtree City, GA, click here to see the eBay listing.

Clcik here to see the Citroen Concours of America website. It's the definitive North American Citroen website.


Richard said...

I love the Citroen CX, would never want to own one, but I am amazed that such a car even exists. It would be like asking a bunch of designers to build a car for the future, and instead of a one off car show concept, they actually put the thing into production.

Things like the stereo placement, never made any sense, stupid design, but also damn cool. The dash stays uncluttered.

My parents owned a BX estate, it was a great car, not as quirky as the CX but still very impressive engineering and very practical. You could actually import an early model if you wanted one, under that 25 year rule. Hmmmmmm

greyintheusa said...

Here's a great Top Gear "review" for you. Starts off about the CX and leads into the modern C6.

Anonymous said...

CX Auto, or CXA re-manufactured the cars in Holand, not Belgium.