Friday, November 6, 2009

1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC

Why the Volkswagen Corrado was not a huge success is one of life's little mysteries.

Introduced in 1988 with a 4 cylinder 158HP supercharged engine, in 1992 it received VW's ingenious VR6 engine. The 2.8 liter 6 put out 178HP and propelled the Corrado to 60 MPH in 6.4 seconds.

The car was expensive when new, which may have a lot to do with its poor sales, but for the money you got a car that was loaded with features often found as options on other cars and one that performed better than most cars in its class and price range. The British automotive magazine, Car, called it one of the "25 Cars You Must Drive Before You Die".

Whenever you read a review of a Corrado it will always mention the rear spoiler. It would automatically rise when the vehicle reached 45 MPH. I'm not 100% sure the spoiler is needed, but it's pretty cool to watch. I've drove a Corrado once and spent a lot of time looking in the rear view mirror at the spoiler.

The prices for used Corrados vary wildly today. The earlier 4 cylinder cars tend to be cheaper, but are more trouble prone and lack the 20 extra horsepower the V6 has. In doing a little research for this post, I found 4 cylinder cars being offered as cheap as $1600.00 and as high as $6500.00. The cheapest V6 I could find was $3500.00, the highest was $8000.00.

The prices seemed to bottom out on these cars a few years ago and at the time they became affordable to - and popular with - the boy-racer crowd. Many of the Corrados you see on the market today have been severely abused. Be careful.

This car appealed to me because it is a stock, adult owned Corrado. The seller has maintained it well and is honest about the few things it needs. The $5400.00 ("firm") price is reasonable. The 2 pictures the seller provides aren't the best, but he states that he is "home most days" and that you should "feel free to send an email to setup a showing."

Located in Minneapolis, MN, click here to see the Craigslist listing.

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Richard said...

Always had a soft spot for the Corrado. I guess the reason it was a sales failure was price, complex VR6, weight and VW's sights as it a 944 alternative, which of course it never really came close (badge snobbery seen to that). If I remember correctly the G60 supercharged version had some reliability issues too. Agreed, its still a bit of a mystery as why this car suffered and early death as even taking the above into concern, it looked stunning for the time and was great handling car.