Monday, November 30, 2009

1995.5 Audi S6 Avant (With RS2 Upgrades)

In my mind, there is a right way and a wrong way to modify a car. The wrong way includes ridiculous body modifications and add-ons that makes it look like something that escaped from the circus. Also wrong are engine modifications that make the car barely drivable.

The right way to modify a car is the way this car was done. This is perfect.

Audi went through a strange period in the 1990s and made some confusing name changes. Figuring out what car is what can be confusing and amusing.

This car is an S6. It's based on the A6 platform. Prior to 1994, this car was called the S4 and was based on the Audi 100. When Audi switched to the "A" designations for their cars, the S4 became the sport version of the smaller A4. There is little difference between a 1993 S4 and a 1995 S6. The 1995 and later S6 and 1997 and later S4 (there are no S4s in 1995 and 1996) are completely different cars. To complicate matters, this car is a 1995.5 S6, which is essentially a 1995 car built with 1996 features. Got all that? (If anyone wants to add to or clarify this mess, feel free to do so in the "comments" section.)

None of that really matters here. This car is like no other S6 Avant in the US. The car has had some RS2 upgrades done to it. (The RS2 was a high performance version of the Audi 80 Avant. The 80 later became the A4 and a high performance station wagon version was introduced in 1999 as the S4 Avant.... Arggghhh.)

The S6 Avant was a very impressive car in stock form. 0-60 was in the 6 second range and, of course, it had Audi's Quattro AWD system which gave it impressive handling in all weather conditions.

The modifications done to this car include:

· RS2 turbo

· RS2 exhaust manifold (ceramic coated)

· RS2 fuel injectors

· RS2 K-valve (wg freq)


· Dahlback Racing bypass valve

· Dahlback Racing 380 bhp software

· Dahlback Racing intake

· Samco hoses all the way around

· Sachs sport 6-puck clutch/flywheel

· Short shift kit

· Stromung SSR 3" turbo-back stainless exhaust, with no-cat test pipe. Cat pipe sold with car.

· Porsche 993tt calipers (Big Blacks), EBC green stuff pads, slotted A8 rotors, stainless brake lines, slotted rear rotors

· 17x8 SSR Integrale wheels (17.5lbs each, forged)

· (9/23/06) RE050A-Pole Position 245/40/17 tires

· H&R V8 lowering springs

· Bilstein sport struts

· 2Bennett revolution 2nd gen camber/caster adjusters

· HIR low and high beam lights-lamps

· Autometer boost and eqt gauges in center console/ash tray location

· 2W IC bulb conversion

· New (in '04) Bose head unit and factory OEM Alpine 6 disk changer

and more...

Best of all, except for some Euro looking corner lights, he's done nothing to the body. The A6 / S6 Avant is a great looking car. There's no reason to mess with it.

The seller is looking for $14,450.00 for this car. For that kind of money you could buy quite a few newer cars. Not many of them will match the performance and looks of this A6 Avant, though.

Located in Colleyville, TX, click here to see the eBay listing.

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