Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Weekend Quickies

1996 Land Rover Discovery SE7 - How about a Land Rover that's all set up for your next Safari?

This Disco has the "Safari Snorkel", which will keep you from sucking water into the engine, it's raised, has beefy tires, a Rhino guard bumper (no winch, though), the rear ladder (but no rooftop Safari Rack), Old Man Emu shocks, retina burning driving lights and a Safari Gard running along the rockers. It also has the LR optional rear jump seats so you can take the whole family on your Safari(!).

I really like Land Rover Discoverys. It's really cool to see one set up for serious off roading. The only question I have is, if this has gone off road, why is it in such nice shape? It would suck to think that someone spent all that time and money on a poser Rover.

Located in San Antonio, TX, click here to see the dealer's ad.

1984 Audi 4000 Coupe GT - There is nothing too special about this car. It has a 5 cylinder engine and it's 2WD. It's solid, and the seller has been using it as a daily driver.

The seller has maintained it, recently putting in front KYB struts, bearings and mounts, front brake rotors and pads, tie rod ends, a new complete Bosal exhaust and Walker cat, a new transmission mount and new front tires. Best of all, he's done nothing to it that makes it look any different from the way it looked when it was sitting in a showroom in 1984.

It needs a bit of work, the drivers side window doesn't work (typical for an older Audi) and a few of the VDO gauges are not working properly.

What amazes me about this car is the price... $1250.00. For that money you get a nice looking coupe with a pedigree. It's classier looking than the coupes that came out of Japan at the time and rarer than a BMW 325i. Parts are fairly easy to find as many are interchangeable with VW parts of the same era. This is the perfect "starter classic".

Located in Saint Paul, MN, click here to see the eBay listing.

1982 Ferrari 400i GT - Earlier in the week I mentioned how much I dislike the kits that turn Fieros into Ferraris.

Here's a real Ferrari you can buy for used Honda type of money.

The Ferrari 400 may be one of the least loved Ferraris, but it's a Ferrari.

The asking price for this car is $15,999.00. That's just the entry price, though. Like all Ferraris, it's expensive to maintain and somewhat high strung. But, if you figure all that into your budget, you'll have a car that is fun to drive and has a legendary name.

Located in Takoma Park, MD, click here to see the Craigslist.

2003 Factory Five Mk2 - Cobra Replica - Keeping with the kit car theme here... After I wrote about the VW kit car earlier in the week, I received a few e-mails and some comments saying that not all kit cars are bad. Some of the examples pointed out were the Cobra and Lotus 7 kits.

I guess technically those are kit cars, but they are not the type of car I was referring to. In my mind those cars are different because you're not just dropping a body on a frame or bolting some pieces onto an existing body. In the cases of the Cobra, Lotus 7 and a few others, you're actually building a car. They have unique frames and suspensions. Their performance is usually on par or better than the cars they replicate. When you register one of those types of cars, it is, depending on the state, usually given its own VIN. A Feiro Ferrari is still registered as a Pontiac.

The car above is a beautiful Cobra replica. I'd buy one of these in a heartbeat.

Located in Steamboat Springs, CO, you can find the eBay listing here.

This Wheel's on Fire - My camera-phone is both a lousy phone and a lousy camera. Sorry about the quality of the picture.

I was driving home from a restaurant the other night when my friend looks over at the oncoming traffic and says "Look, I think that car's on fire".

On fire it was. About 2 seconds later the car pulls over, the driver and passenger run out, and it literally bursts into flames.

Why am I telling you this? Well, a few weird things happened... First of all, the car was parked and burning (burning big time) on an uphill incline. At some point, after I took the picture, it started driving; uphill, on it's own, in flames. It drove about 100 feet before stopping. I have no idea how a car, totally engulfed in flames, could do that. It was as if it was possessed. Secondly, the headlights stayed on the whole time the car was burning. Again, I have no idea how that could have happened. (I've owned plenty of non-burning cars that the headlights wouldn't stay on for more than a minute or two. Maybe I should have set them on fire...) Thirdly, the fire truck arrived at about the same time as there was a small explosion from the car. A fireman gets out, grabs a hose and walks right up to the car, I mean within 2 feet of the car, and starts spraying it. There was another small explosion. Pieces of burning car wind up all over the fireman. He just brushed them off like they were bagel crumbs continued spraying the car. He never moved back, he never stopped what he was doing. It was amazing to watch. Fireman are either the craziest or ballsiest people on the planet.

Just thought I'd share.

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Quantum Joe said...

My family owned an Audi similar to the one you posted. My parents still talk about it as their favorite car.

Love the Bob Dylan reference in the burning car title!