Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Post

It's Thanksgiving, so I'm being a little lazy... Just a couple of videos and a link today.

My friend Tony sent me this video a few days ago. I was never fan of Chris Bangle styled BMWs, but this is an interesting video of a seminar he did in 2002. (It's over 20 minutes long.)

Direct Link

When friends Jeff and John send me the same video - on the same day - you know it's got to be good. Titled "Fastest Engine Belt Change", this is amazing...

Just a Car Geek reader Matthew recently bought an Alfa Romeo Milano (a 75 to those of you living outside of North America). I'm more than a little envious. I've referenced my Milano in a number of posts, including this one, "Guts or Nuts".

Matthew is chronicling his experience with the car on a blog he's called "Alfa Adventures". You can find it here.

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m4ff3w said...

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) I haven't been doing anything more to the Milano, it is a wonderful daily drivers.

Sometime in the next month or three I will be doing an install of Megasquirt, in preparation for a turbo install. That will be fun.