Wednesday, December 9, 2009

11,000 Mile 1996 Nissan 300 ZX

This is an 11,000 mile Nissan 300ZX. I don't get it. Why would you buy a car like this and then not drive it? 11,000 miles on a 13 year old car averages out to 846 miles a year. That's 2.4 miles per day. Short commute to work, maybe? This would have been a very expensive commuter car.

1996 was supposed to be the last year for the Z car in the US. (It turned out to be a hiatus, as the 350Z was introduced 2002.) The car being offered on eBay is one of the last 300 built. Nissan called them "Commemorative Editions" and numbered them. This car is #214.

Really, the Z car to have is the twin-turbo version. That was an incredible car. That car pumped out 300 HP and could hit 60 MPH in 5 seconds. This car, with its 3.0 normally aspirated 222 HP DOHC engine, was no slouch either. It can hit 60 in the 6-7 second range.

For not much more than the asking price of this car, you could buy a nice twin turbo. With this car you're trading the speed of a twin turbo for a car that is quite possibly the lowest mileage 300ZX in the country. Best of all it's completely stock. It's a trade-off I'd make.

Located in Mechanicsburg, PA, click here to see the eBay listing.

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