Thursday, December 17, 2009

1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal

This caught my attention because of the title of the eBay listing. It states "Alfa Romeo Other GT Coupe". There is an Alfa called a GT Coupe. It's a modern car and not one that you would expect to find in the US. (Click here for a brief review of it.) For split second I was making plans to go to wherever this car is and check it out. Then I saw the picture... It's an Alfa Romeo Montreal. I have no idea why the seller listed it as he did.

I've written about Alfa Romeo Montreals before. (You can find the posts here.) For many years they were under valued exotics. The prices are starting to climb but, for what you get, the car is still a bargain.

This is an incredibly well presented Montreal. The seller includes some very clear pictures.

The car is located in Savannah, GA. Click here to see the eBay listing.


Max Power said... could have been worse and they could have listed it as an Alpha Romero. Maybe the seller was being 'cute' since the show car was not officially called the Montreal. Also, look at the rear photo...seems like the seller added a P33 badge (I don't think Alfa put those on there but I am not sure).

You managed to post two of my 'Eleanors' this week! First the Lancia Scorpion and now the Montreal...and both in colors that I would want them in...yum!

Chris Keen said...

Totally geeking out here, but that seems to fit in with the name of the site... there's a "MONTREAL" script on the ashtray cover. Not sure what's up with the P33 tag, that's not normally on there.

Just A Car Geek said...

I don't know about this listing... I wonder if the seller knows what he has.

The P33 was another Alfa concept car from the late 60s or early 70s. I don't know if that's what the badge looked like, or if it even had a badge.

At another point in his listing he calls it an "Alfa Romeo Bertone GT Coupe".