Thursday, December 31, 2009

2 Rare Old Cars For New Years Eve - 1951 Simca Sport Coupé / 1952 Moretti Berlinetta 750 Mille Miglia

Right up front I'll say that I know very little about these cars. I'm a little out of my league here. I just found them to be pretty interesting, so I thought I'd post them.

This person has 4 cars for sale, but as of now he has only listed 2 separately on Craigslist. Both cars are projects, but both are very, very interesting.

The first one is a 1950 Simca Sport Coupé. According to the seller, who has obviously done a lot of research on this car, "the body is by Facel to a design that is derived directly from a Stabilimenti Farina prototype"
I had to do a little research here, but Stabilimenti Industriali Giovanni Farina S.A. in Torino was a coachbuilding company founded in 1919 by Giovanni Farina, the older brother of Battista 'Pinin' Farina. It closed down in 1953. Stabilimenti Farina was the company where Alfredo Vignale learned the trade of coachbuilding before starting his own "carrozzeria". Again, according to the seller, the Simca is a "Michelotti refinement of the landmark 1947 Cisitalia 202 design."

That's all a little confusing, but it doesn't matter. This is a great looking car.

This car may have some limited racing history. The seller states, "This car appears to have 1950’s racing history as it has a brass participant plaque, “SIXTH PALM SPRINGS ROAD RACE COMPETITOR 1954”, on the dash. The only Simca on the entry list in the race program for the Sixth Palm Springs Road Race (hosted 1/23-24//54 by The Long Beach MG Club) appears as '(#)137 SIMCA – 9 1221cc Joe Richardson'"

This car would be quite a project, as it's missing its "original bumpers, grille, headlamps, seats, engine, transmission and more" The seller is including a newer Simca engine, a Fiat transmission and seats. The selling price is $5900.00. I have no idea what the value of a car like this is and I'm certain it will not be cheap to restore, but, given its rarity, I hope someone takes on this project.
The second car being offered by the seller is rarer and more expensive than the Simca. It's only 1 of 2 built, and the asking price is $80,000.00

This is a 1952 Moretti Berlinetta 750 Mille Miglia. I tried to do a little research on this car, but found very little. According to the seller, only 2 of these Micholetti styled cars were made. 1 was RHD, the other LHD. This is the RHD car. The seller believes that the LHD car may no longer exist.

Like the Simca above, this car needs to be totally restored. Also like the Simca, this car is missing a lot of parts.

I really don't know enough about this car to say whether it's worth the asking price, but it sure is cool to look at and read about.

Both cars are located in California.
Click here to see the Simca listing.
Click here to see the Moretti listing.

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