Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Griffin Up" A Song & Video In Support of Saab

I don't usually post videos during the week or post anything in the middle of the day, but this is just too cool.

This man, a Swede named David Blumberg, created a song and video in support of Saab. Both the song and the video are remarkably good.

From his YouTube post...

A song in support of Saab Automobile - a company in danger. This song is meant to inspire Saab fans worldwide to keep their hopes up and make a difference. The future is very bright, but we need to act now!

Much has been said about Saab, GM and the possible closure of this unique company. In light of the uncertainty currently experienced by all Saab aficionados, it's easy to lose perspective and throw in the towel prematurely. This is the worst thing we could do!

Saab is alive and well, with several new models ready to launch, and a community of extremely passionate supporters backing it up. Investors are currently trying to work through the General's fog to get a sale done as quickly as possible. We must bring to attention what's at stake here, for GM has no right to kill the only company in its portfolio (IMHO) with a solid plan for the future. (For more information, please visit www.saabsunited.com and www.iwontbuyfromgm.com)

I don't know that this will make a bit of difference in GM's decision, but it's a great idea and shows the grassroots support there is out there for the Saab brand.


Direct link to video.

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