Friday, December 4, 2009

Looking For A Bricklin Mechanic in the Sacarmento, CA, Area

I received the following e-mail yesterday...

I saw your article on the Bricklin posted in June.

I have one that has been in a garage for years and needs some work. Do you have any advice on someone in the Sacramento area that works on this type of car?

Any thought would be appreciated


Can anyone help him out? Bricklins are not overly complex cars and they used many off the shelf American parts, but because of their rarity, it's not a car you'd want to trust to your local Jiffy Lube franchise.

If you know of anybody, please e-mail their name (phone number and address, if you have it) to me and I'll pass it along to Marc.

(If this car was in New England, I'd recommend my friend Jeff. Restoring a Bricklin is a piece of cake after you've worked on a time machine...)

The photo above was taken in 1920 by photographer and social advocate, Lewis Hine. Click here to find more photographs from Hine.

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Maxichamp said...

The Towe car museum is in Old Town Sacramento. It has a Bricklin on display. I would ask the curator.