Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Weekend Quickies

1992 Alfa Romeo Spider - Alfa really did a nice job with the final version of the venerable Spider. It received a revised nose, taillights similar to the 164 and a revised interior. Even though the chassis was the same as it was in 1966, the Spider went out in style.

This 1992 Spider looks really nice in British Racing Green with a tan interior. It's in good, but not 100% perfect shape. It is a nice driver quality Spider.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, click here to see the eBay listing.

1979 Lancia Beta Coupe - Here's something you don't see anymore. A Lancia Beta Coupe. Beta Zagatos, HPEs and Scorpions get restored, but the Beta Coupe and, to a greater extent, the Beta Sedan get ignored.

You can't talk about the Lancia Beta without mentioning rust. The Series I Betas rusted like few other cars rusted. This was caused by Lancias use of poor quality steel, poor rust prevention techniques and inadequate water drainage channels. There is no way of exaggerating how badly these cars rusted. For all intents and purposes, early Lancia Betas were water soluble. The Series II Betas, like this one, were better, but still rusted as badly as any 1970s Italian car.

This car is a remarkably preserved 1979 Beta Coupe. The seller states that it is rust free and has just 39,000 miles on it. The interior, a weak point in Betas, looks immaculate.

The only downside I can see to this car is that it's an automatic. The Fiat based 2.0 liter engine is an amazingly free revving engine. It really should be attached to a manual transmission. Still, given the overall condition of this car, the automatic can be overlooked.

As I write this, the bidding is up to $5,051.51, with a little over a day to go in the auction. It will be interesting to see what this car sells for.

Located in Annandale, MN, click here to see the eBay listing.

1987 Cadillac Cimmaron - I never said that this blog would feature all good cars...

This is quite possibly the dumbest automotive idea ever. Nope, that's wrong. This is the dumbest automotive idea ever. I can't think of anything dumber. The Pacer? That might have been an OK car had it been sold with the rotary engine that was supposed to power it. The Edsel? It wasn't a bad car in its day and it might have sold better if the front end didn't look a lot like female genitalia. The Cimmaron wins the "Dumb Automotive Idea Award" hands down.

What GM did was take a Chevy Cavalier, add a different grill and taillights, cover the seats in cheap leather and call it a Cadillac.

This car was supposed to compete with the small BMWs, Mercedes and Audis of the day. It didn't.

The Cimmaron was a stupid idea that damn-near killed the Cadillac brand and, in no small way, is one of the reasons GM is in the position it is today.

How bad was it? Wikipedia states that according to Car and Driver magazine, current Cadillac product director John Howell has a picture of the Cimarron on his wall captioned, "Lest we forget." (See the complete Wiki article here)

This one is selling for $395.00. The condition is unlisted, but the body appears solid.

You can find the Craigslist listing for it here. For clearer, larger photos, go to the seller's website,

Cadillac is making some pretty decent cars these days. Let's hope GM learned its lesson with the Cimmaron.

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Chris Keen said...

$5K for an automatic Beta? From what I've read on the Lancia forums, these tended to fail at about 40K, so the seller should be spending that last 1K driving pretty gingerly. All the Lancia folks are pretty unanimous in saying the best thing you can do is save yourself the grief and buy a 5-speed.