Thursday, December 24, 2009

Odds & Ends For Christmas Eve

Free Lancia Scorpion Ad if You Own A Lancia Scorpion - I love this. This guy is selling a framed Lancia Scorpion ad. His price? "$20 cash takes it, or bring your Lancia Scorpion and give me a ride in it, and its yours for free!" Awesome.

Three Tatras in Seattle - I mentioned in an earlier post that I've only seen one Tatra in my life. It was at Lime Rock. This person is selling 3. They are...

1942 Tatra 57 Kubelwagen

1937 Tatra 97

1939 Tatra 87 V-8

These cars are a little too old and a little too weird (that says a lot!) to be cars that I desire, but they are very interesting pieces of automotive history.

1995 Audi 90 - I actually looked at this car a week or so ago. A friend of mine is looking to get out of her Mercury Mountaineer and into something smaller with AWD. We left at 10PM, got to the dealership around 11PM (they were closed, of course) and checked it out.

OK, it's a black car, it was the middle of the night and we couldn't hear it run, but from what we could see with a flashlight and a little outside lighting, this appears to be a very, very nice old Audi. It should be a fun Audi, too... It's a V6 Quattro with a 5 speed manual.

My friend was leery of the mileage (149,000). I tried to tell her that a well maintained 5 speed Audi should be good for 200K+, but she wasn't too interested.

Oh well, her loss is someone's gain... Maybe mine, if the Christmas season is good to me...

Located in Weymouth, MA, click here to see the listing.

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