Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1981 BMW 528i - A Quick Post

I've always liked the E12 5 Series. They weren't the best BMWs ever built, but they have a "look" to them. I can't explain it.

Here in the US, we initially received the 530i with BMWs 3.0 liter engine. The US version of the 3.0 was a disaster. In order to meet emissions requirements, BMW added a thing called a Thermal Reactor to the exhaust manifold. These got hot (you could see them glowing after a long ride) and caused problems under the hood, most notably cracked and warped cylinder heads. In 1979 BMW replaced the 3.0 with the 2.8 and replaced the Thermal Reactor with a catalytic converter set up. This not only cured the cylinder head problems, it increased MPG and lowered the 0-60 time to 8.2 seconds.

This car is a 1981 528i. It has a 5 speed manual, which BMW only started offering on the E12 in 1980.

The car appears to be in very nice condition, with the exception of the paint. The seller says the clearcoat is peeling and you can see that in some of the pictures. The car has no rust, shows some normal interior wear and, according to the seller, runs great.

This is the type of "classic" you could drive everyday. You could have it repainted, or, as I would do, just run it as is and until it dies.

Lovated in Loveland, CO, click here to see the Craigslist ad. (Under the pictures in the ad, the seller includes a link to an album of pictures of this car.)

For more info on the E12 BMWs, check out FirstFives.org.

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