Monday, February 22, 2010

1969 Opel Kadett Rallye - "Best In The World?"

Wow. This is incredible.

The seller describes this 1969 Opel Kadett Rallye as the "best in the world." I haven't seen all the Opel Kadett Rallyes in the world (and I doubt the seller has either) but, judging from the pictures, that might not be an exaggeration.

The Opel Kadett Rallye was really nothing more than an appearance package. The Rallye package consisted of a fake wood steering wheel, fog lights, body striping, a gauge package and some chrome wheels. It received the biggest engine Opel offered in the US, the 1.9 liter CIH 4, but it wasn't tuned any differently.

The Seller states "Every nut and bolt on this car has been restored, replaced with NOS or replated" and "All lights, lenses, gauges, interior, exterior, exhaust, etc, etc, etc, was replaced with NOS parts and some reproduction parts collected over many years." I believe him.

This is a truly amazing restoration. The details are incredible. The only differences between this car and a new 1969 Rallye are the Weber carb (almost a mandatory job on any carbureted Opel), a chrome valve cover, some BMW wheels (the seller has the original wheels) and a period correct under-dash 8 Track player. Everything else, including the correct Delco battery, are what you would have found on this car when it was new and in a showroom. Amazing.

Opel Kadetts don't have the following that sports cars from this period have and they're not very valuable. Unlike older sports cars, there are few clubs, very few reproduction parts and no giant network of owners. People didn't stash Opel Kadetts in barns and garages for later restoration. They were usually scrapped. Somehow this one survived and was found by a person with the desire, time and skill to bring it back to its former glory. I love seeing cars like this.

There are a few car geeks, myself included, who would buy an old Opel for nostalgic reasons (my first car was an Opel Kadett). It's a rarely-seen car that would be cool to bring to a few shows each year. There are very few people however (possibly no one other than the owner of this one), who would restore one to this standard. There are many ultra-expensive Italian "i" cars, American muscle cars and Porsches that haven't been restored to this level.

I give the owner of this car a ton of respect and credit for spending the time and money he spent on this car. Hopefully, the new owner will treat it as well as he did.

Located in Hendersonville, NC, click here to see the eBay listing for this car.


Anonymous said...

is the vehical still for sale do you have contact info

Anonymous said...

is the vehical still for sal and do you have any contact info?

Unknown said...

My Father brought an Opel Kadett Rallye over from Europe in 1971 when we returned from Spain. His might have been the ONLY true Rallye here in the US. Over there, it was more than just an appearance package, but a way for Opel to go rallying, so it was a true homogulation special.

He sold it in 1980.. I often wondered what happened to his little car

Anonymous said...

i am looking for parts for thees cars i have one and is buzzy fixing it.were can i get parts. i live in South Africa

NRP said...

I brought a Rallye to the States from Germany in the summer of 1968. I had driven it in Germany for six months. By the spring of 1969 the silver paint had started to flake off, and by that summer it needed its first valve job. I finally got rid of it in summer of 71, after another valve job and having a couple of burned pistons replaced. The starter went out on the leprous little thing, and since Buick dealers did such a bad job repairing it, I decided to replace the starter myself. Then I found out I had to partially pull the engine to get the starter out. It sat in my garage on blocks for six months before I could get the proper star tool for the engine mounts. I sold it as soon as I could as soon as it would start. What a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Check out They did this car and several other Opels

Cardi said...

I have one in my garage.
I'd like to post a pic.Perfect conditions.
Writing from Italy.
I read in comments someone is interested in buying...
Hoe can we get in touch?

Nathan said...

Cardi, How much would you ask for it if you still have it?