Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2004 Volkswagen R32 - A Modern Performance Classic

I love "sleepers". The R32 a great modern sleeper. The average person assumes you just have a VW Golf.

In yesterday's post about the Cosworth Vega, I mentioned that Chevy had originally planned to build 5000 cars, but stopped at just over 3500 due to lack of interest. VW had the opposite issue with the R32. VW also planned to produce 5000 cars. They intended for them to be sold over a two-year period. The entire run of 5000 cars sold out in just 13 months. True to its word, VW did not produce any more 2004 R32s.

The R32 has VW's 3.2 litre 24-valve VR6 engine. In R32 tune, with an Audi Audi TT 3.2 Mass Air Flow sensor, it puts out 250 HP. All that horsepower is transferred to the ground through a 6 speed transmission and VW's "4 Motion" 4WD system. The R32 reaches 60 MPH in 6.5 seconds or less (some sources say it's 5.9 seconds).

All R32s came through with seats from K├Ânig (with R logos), 18" OZ wheels, Electronic Stability Control, 13.1" disc brakes and a sunroof. The body has a few add-ons, but nothing that makes the car look "boy racerish".

This R32 has 63,000 miles on it. It has a few modifications - H&R Springs, a Neuspeed Sway bar in rear, a Neuspeed Strut Brace and Carbonio Air Intake - but nothing over the top. You could drive this car every day in all weather and all traffic conditions without a problem. Only 10% of the R32s produced were painted red, making this a fairly rare car.

This car is being offered at $15,900.00. There are a lot of cool, newer cars you can buy for that kind of money. There are very few however, that will offer the kind of performance and invisibility that an R32 does.

Located in Plano, TX, at a place called "Vdubs Only", click here to see the ad.


Chris Keen said...

I test drove one when they were new (the dealer was offering a free oil change if I test drove a car, and who was I to say no), and now every time I see an R32 I drool. The engine sound is intoxicating, and it drives like a much more expensive car.

Max Power said...

Wow...another Eleanor for me...I have had three GTI's over the last 15 years and absolutely drooled when the R32 cam out in 2004. Unfortunately, I had just leased a MINI Cooper S the year before (the only non-GTI car I owned during this time period) so I only lusted after it in the showroom (a red one as well...and my favorite car color).

It was different enough for even my then wife who hated my GTI's to even comment that the R32 was 'hot'. I was excited to get the next R32 when my MINI lease was up only to be disappointed with the Mark V now looked too understated...DSG only...interior was almost exactly the same as the 'regular GTI' I ended up getting the 'regular' GTI instead.