Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Quickies - Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010

1976 Lancia Scorpion - #1? - The seller claims this is the first Lancia Scorpion built. In Europe and elsewhere this car is called the Montecarlo.

It doesn't really matter, because no matter what number this car is, it's a very, very nice original Scorpion. It's really nice to see one in this condition. So many of these cars were lost to rust, abuse and hack mechanics.

This is a one-owner car with 36K miles on it.

It's cars like this that make me realize I need more storage space, more money and more free time.

Located in York, PA, click here to see the eBay listing.

1980 Citroen CX Loadrunner - Cars don't come much more bizarre looking than this.

Piecing together what I can from various sites, it seems that during the 1980s several hundred CX Safaris were converted into six-wheeled Loadrunners for the purpose of high-speed newspaper delivery. The owners would load up at the print shops with newspapers and magazines and drive through the night for early morning deliveries at a different major cities.

All the original Loadrunners were turbo-diesels with manual gearboxes. It appears that there were some private shops that later converted CX into Loadrunners.

This is just a really interesting car to look at. Located in the Czech Republic, click here to see the eBay listing.

Clarification - I was pretty certain that I'd get angry e-mails from VW Beetle fans after last week's "Weekend Quickies". I didn't. I got two e-mails, both basically agreeing with my feelings about the car.

What I didn't think I would get was a whole bunch of e-mails about the Porsche 924S, but I did. I guess an explanation and some clarification is in order here...

Being one of the "Weekend Quickies", I didn't go into much detail. I realize that there's a difference between the 924 and 924S. My "By the time this car was built, Porsche had replaced the Audi engine and transmission with proper Porsche units" sentence was supposed to point that out. It didn't do a very good job of that, I guess.

As far as it's performance goes, I was (still am) under the impression that the 1986 and 1987 model year cars received a de-tuned version of the 944's 2.5 4. It put out 150 HP vs. 163 in the 944. That was the reason for my "If you're expecting 911, 928 or even 944 performance, you'll be disappointed with a 924" line. In 1988, the 924 did get the 163 HP version of the engine, but the car I wrote about was a 1987.

My opinion of it being a nice alternative to a Scirocco or Celica was based on the fact that they're all coupes and very nice ones are priced within +/- $1000.00 of each other. I don't know that anyone looking for a Celica would consider a Scirroco or Porsche and vice-versa, but it would be an alternative. (My personal choice of the 3 would be the Porsche.)

I hope that clears things up.

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