Sunday, March 14, 2010

1950 BMW Race Car

I wasn't going to post anything for today, I'm actually out of town for the weekend and away from a computer, but I spotted this Friday night and found it too interesting not to post. I'm hoping it's a real ad and not some sort of scam...

I don't have time to research this car, so I'll just post the text of the Criagslist ad:

Very interesting"Barn Find" antique race car.
This an Italian custom built one off Superleggera Tubeframe race car.
It was ordered by German Honore Wagner, built around a Prewar 328 BMW engine and transmission with Fiat running gear, Borrani wire wheels etc etc
I have period pictures and full information
The car was raced several times from 1950-1952
It finished 5th at the 1952 Nurburgring German Grand Prix

Very interesting barn find, indeed.

Located in Dover, NH, you can find the listing here.


Jon said...

Dave - A Gordini finished 5th in 1952. I was thinking it was a Veritas Meteor, but the grille is a bit off. However, this definately looks to be from the period. I'll have to dig around.

Jon said...

Just back from dinner Chez Panera.

No less than ten minutes of surfing this subject leaves me thinking the seller is off his rocker. I found a couple of other of car sites that are mighty skeptical as well.

If it was worth even near the "high six figures" he is asking. He would have at least at minimum pulled it out of the garage for better photos. I'm sure the "serious" auction houses would avoid this car at all costs.

Another listing site has the same car down as a 1941 Mille Miglia Special - "possibly Fantuzzi" - for $1.2 million.

Provenance is everything.

Graham Clayton said...

The car finished 5th not at the German Grand Prix, but in the Eifelrennen sports car race on the 29th of May, 1952. The car sold for $177,000 in 2012!