Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1969 Volkswagon SC (Single Cab) Pick Up

My friend Jeff is vacationing in Florida. He sent me the picture below of a VW SC pick up he spotted. It is still being used as a work vehicle. Inspiration for the blog...

As you can probably figure out from the pictures, the pick up is based on the VW bus (Transporter). VW introduced it in 1954. They built both a single cab version like this one and a double cab version (picture this vehicle with a crew cab back)

One of the really cool features of the pick up was the unique fold down gates (aka "Dropside"). An innovative design, it allowed you to load the bed from any side of the vehicle and also carry items larger than the bed.

The pick up has all the virtues and vices of the bus. It gets great gas mileage, is simple to work on and parts, at least the mechanical stuff, are plentiful. It's also ill handling, slow and rusts badly. It's that last part that makes this 1969 pick up so impressive. Being a California car, it appears to be free of any serious rot.

This is a well used SC. From the scrapes on the bed, it appears to have been used as a work vehicle. It needs paint and some minor bodywork. The interior could use some tidying. The seller includes no written description in the ad (we're left to guess as to whether it runs and drives), but leaves a phone number to call.

These VWs are starting to increase in value. An older SC went for over $15,000.00 at a Christie's auction a few years ago. This one is priced at $6900.00.

Located in Bellflower, CA, click here to see the Carsforsale.com listing.


greyintheusa said...

I've always thought these and the double cabs were really cool, but I had no idea that they'd trade hands in "average" condition for 7 grand. That seems like a lot to me, but in CA there's probably a hotter market for these. I figured a used but decent runner would be like 2-3k. Maybe this one's nicer than I'm giving it credit for, or I'm just toatally off my rocker.

Just A Car Geek said...

Hey Hoov - I thought the same thing. But, when I went looking for one to write about, I was amazed to find out how much decent ones were selling for. This one is on the high end of the price scale, but it was the best unrestored example I could find.


Bill said...

I recently saw a pic of one of these VWs being used (when nearly new) by Pete Lovely to transport his Lotus type 49 formula one car. I will try to find the pic and send it along. Looks seriously overloaded, but the Lotus probably weighed about 1100 pounds.

Jon said...

Funny you should post this... Lately I've been on a binge of looking up snub-nosed pickup trucks of the late 60's.

The VW's are pretty nice, but it seems they've always been around as an offshoot of the 21 (or split) window bus community.

Back in the late 80's I had an air cooled van with dual Solexes. The float needle valves often got stuck in the open position due to grit and resulted in fuel overflowing on a hot motor. I pulled the carb floats and blew out the valves so many times that I can still taste the gas. The gaskets were shot and replaced by chewing gum. The van finally ended up with one of those JC Whitney single carb setups with the obligatory exhaust kit.

I think the Dodge A 100 series still look fresh, Ford Econolines less so. Those Corvair rampside boxes still look goofy.

The Jeep Forward Control models are pretty neat and throw in the bonus of 4 wheel drive. Back in the 60's it seemed as if every gas station had one for plowing.

Anonymous said...

My Dad had one when I was a kid. He paid $35 for it and put a battery & 4 tires on it. (this was...1965?) Must have had $200 in it, tops. Drove it for 3 years. Sloooow. Good on gas. The Lotus 49 would be carried no problem. i think they were rated 3/4 or maybe even a full ton. Long bed, and torsion-bar suspension meant carrying capacity all out of proportion to the power. Dad's had a rust hole in the floor near the shifter. Descending the hill near our house, his thermos would sometimes roll off the seat and plunge through the hole. Mega laughs, that. He once dropped an upright piano off the back of it (accidently) It made a sound that can only be described as, well, "dropping a piano over the side of a VW pickup truck." Great post that fired up some happy memories...