Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1985 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 Callaway Twin Turbo - No Controversy

It was just a few weeks ago that I wrote a post about a controversial Callaway GTV6. (You can find the post here.) The owner had taken all the Callaway parts from a rusty car and put them in a rust free body. Some people said it wasn't a "real" Callaway because it wasn't assembled by Callaway.

There is nothing controversial about this car. It was built by Callaway. It is one of the original 5 prototypes. There is a possibility that it is the Callaway brochure car.

As I wrote in the earlier Callaway GTV6 post, these cars are amazingly fast. 60 MPH comes in just 5.9 seconds, which makes it only 3/10 of a second slower than a 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS.

This car appears to be in remarkable condition. The seller was obviously obsessive about this car, even going so far as to track down the original seats, which had been removed by a "previous-previous owner". The list of parts on this car and the spare parts being sold with this car is impressive. You can read it all in his very detailed, well written, eBay listing.

The car is basically stock, although when the owner rebuilt the engine he did some "light head work", including a set of 164S cams. This car is probably quicker than the Ferrari 328 GTS mentioned above.

This car is being offered with no reserve. (The seller writes "Reserves are for people who don't understand how 'supply and demand' work.") While I suspect this car won't go cheap and the seller will be happy with the final price (as I write this the car is up to $15,100.00 with 16 bids and over 5 days left to the auction), he's taking a bit of a chance and I give him a lot of credit for that.

This is another one of those cars that I'd sell my soul - with no reserve - to own.

Located in Coral Gables, FL, click here to see the eBay listing.


m4ff3w said...

No post for today? Much sadness.

Les said...

I bought this after the hi bidder didn't pay. At the time I was working in Taiwan & could not arrange inspection. Instead I spoke to the owner for about an hour from Taiwan. He assured me that he was a long-time Alfa owner, past president of the Miami Alfa chapter, etc & I believed he was basically honest. Boy, was I mistaken. When delivered, the car could not be driven off the truck because pieces of the front guibo were found in the engine compartment. The waste gates were stuck, and the car would not idle. It was rusted thru in two places, under the left headlights and under the driver's door handle. If the engine was rebuilt they managed to leave 20 years of grease accumulation in place and all the hoses, etc were original, including the very brittle fuel injection hoses. The car was immediately given to Greg Gordon, who performed his magic. In general the car was very neglected and the photos the seller used were over 5 years old. The promised spare parts which made the car very attractive have never showed up. Significant hard work and $10,000 has resulted in a very attractive & useable car, but I was really taken by trusting a crook. If I were in Florida I would have taken him to court.