Monday, March 8, 2010

1985 TVR 280i / Tasmin

Yeah, I do love the wedge shaped cars of the late seventies and early eighties. I love the underdog car companies, too.

Cars didn't come much more wedge shaped than the Tasmin and TVR was the consummate underdog.

I wrote about a TVR 280i back in May. You can find the post here.

This TVR is a very nice driver-quality car. Silver over red is, in my opinion, the nicest color combination for these cars. The company offering it, Arkansas based Luka Auto Restorations, seems to do some quality restoration work, but they don't mention how much work, if any, was done to this car. (Check out their website. Along with this TVR, they also have a gigantic 1959 Cadillac and another one of my favorite wedge cars, a Triumph TR8, for sale.) They state that the leather seats need to be recovered and I see what may be a wire hanging from the right of the steering column. (It may also just be string for the key.) Other than that, this car looks great.

This was the last model officially imported into the US. TVR continued to build cars until 2006. The recent TVRs were insanely (in a good way) designed and insanely (in a very good way) fast. TVR never gave a thought to exporting them to the US, but you may be able to get one now. Grey in the USA recently wrote about a company that is now bringing these cars into the US. If a 280i / Tasmin is too tame or too common for you, the Tuscan, Sagaris, and T350 cars may be worth looking into.

There have been rumors for awhile now about new TVRs and official exports to the US, but I've seen nothing "official" about it yet. I'm sure they'll be great cars, but me, I'll still want a 280i / Tasmin. In fact, these cars are on the Top 10 list of cars I will own someday.

Located in Yellville, AR, click here to see the eBay listing.


Max Power said...

After looking this morning at the post for the TVR, I said to myself that I never realized that they used upside down taillights from the Rover SD1. I scroll down just one more post, and lo and behold there is a Rover SD1 that you are writing about.

I too loved the wedge cars of the 70's and 80's but these TVR's never looked 'right' to me. Always something awkward in their proportions yet now I look at it, I do like the look of it

Jon said...

I really have to go with Max on this one. I think the "wedge" of the TR7/8 is a far more effective design.

It's really too bad that the later Peter Wheeler penned cars never came over stateside. They had some amazing designs. From what I remember, they choose to build their own V8 which proved unreliable. They could have saved their money and imported American crate motors.

The latest designs on the "work in progress" website are a bit too Gotham City for my tastes.