Friday, March 19, 2010

1995 BMW M5 Touring

Some cars force me to buy a lottery ticket. This is one of them.

As I've written before, I like station wagons. Owning one like this is one of my biggest fantasies.

I could write about this car, but since the seller does such a great job of that in his ad, I'll just quote...

"This is a very special vehicle. A 1995 Euro-spec BMW M5 Touring, BMW Individual paint and interior. This is a 3.8l car, never sold in the US. Only 891 E34 Tourings were ever made, and only 119 in 1995, and only 4 with this color combo. This particular one is one of the last made, with a very late build date. This car has been federalized by JK Technologies, LLC in Baltimore, MD. Last I checked there were about 20 M5 E34 Tourings in the US. This is the only one that has been supercharged in the US. BMW forced induction done right - period-correct Albrex superchager (the father of centrifugal superchargers, from which Vortech lifted its design nearly whole-cloth) running about 5psi, with a large intercooler. The supercharger kit was created for this car by Herr Conrad Gruber of Austria, with a beautiful intake manifold for the six individual throttlebodies and a stout, 3/8" steel bracket. The supercharger install was conducted by Road Race Technologies (RRT) in Dulles, Virginia ( The car runs Autronic SM4 engine management with Siemens 60# Mototron injectors and a Walbro 255 lph pump. Tuning was performed by Franz Diebold of Diebold Autosport (, and resulted in about 440hp at the fly with a very conservative tune. Drivability is excellent, the car now pulls like a demon with a very linear curve and excellent torque (see rwhp dyno graphs attached). Car has always been impeccably maintained and Motul and Redline fluids used throughout. I am the second owner of this vehicle, I purchased it from a female doctor in Stuttgart."

The seller goes on to mention that he still has all the stock parts, should you want to return it to stock form.

As if all of the above isn't enough, the seller states that the car has,"a double sunroof (front and rear). BMW Traffic Pro (Becker) GPS, upgraded with full Infinity speakers throughout and sub. Nuerburgring package, with dual mode adaptive suspension, massive 345mm two piece aluminum hat rotors. Euro "smiley" headlights retained with "city lights" and upgraded with 50w HID. Aero roof rack. Kmac camber plates. Rear window retractable side shades. UUC short shifter. New Michelin PS2s (less than 1000 miles). New Sachs sintered clutch. New Boge OE Nuerburgring adaptive struts. Brand new aluminum radiator with electric fans. Brand new water pump. New HR springs. Brand new Nuerburgring front brake rotors (about 500 miles). "

There is no price listed for this car, but I'm pretty certain it's selling for more than I have in my "car account". My lottery ticket turned out to be nothing more than a $2.00 donation to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, so it looks like owning this car will remain a fantasy.

Located in Uxbridge, MA (Damn, it isn't even too far away from me...), click here to see the Craigslist listing.


Chris Keen said...

I drove a used E34 M5 back in 1993, when the dealer let my dad and I out in one while he was busy. My dad said it was the most fun he had since his E-type back in the 60s.

Jon said...

It's on fleaBay with a $45K Buy It Now...