Thursday, March 11, 2010

Maserati, Lotus, Matra - All In One Craigslist Ad - Got a Backhoe You're Not Using?

I wish I owned a backhoe, an ATV or a Harley. This guy is willing to work out some sort of trade / partial trade for those items in exchange for his 3 cars; A 1985 Maserati Biturbo, A 1972 Lotus Europa and a 1977 Matra Bagheera.

Yep, that's my kind of car collection.

The details are slim in this ad and there are just the 4 pictures.

According to the seller, the Maserati needs "minor restoration". To him that means seat covers and and exhaust (I'll agree that's minor), one new turbo (not cheap, but doable in your garage, if you have a decent tool set) and wiring (that's scary!). From the picture, it would appear to need some tires and a good cleaning, too.

The Matra, again according to the seller, needs interior "freshening", tires and it has a crack in the windshield. Interestingly, it's right-hand drive, having been imported from the UK. The RHD conversion was done by Wooler-Hodec, the same company hired by Delorean to create RHD DMC-12s. (There were somewhere between 13 and 20 RHD Deloreans made. I have no idea how may Matra Bagheeras were converted, but I suspect it wasn't many. The seller says this is likely the only one in the US. That's not too hard to believe.)

The Lotus is a race car and not street legal. It has the desirable big valve engine with a dual Weber intake. It's had its transmission rebuilt, some frame work done and a few other things. The seller says it comes with "most parts to finish", but doesn't say what needs to be finished. There is no picture of the body, but the seller says it has fender flares and Minilites. It also has a rollbar.

The cars are being offered separately, the Maserati for $2500.00, the Lotus and Matra for $5000.00 apiece. Or, just show up with your backhoe, ATV or Harley...

And, by the way, the seller doesn't need a job, so don't ask. (I have no idea what that means, but that's the last sentence in the Craigslist ad.)

Located in Elyria, OH, click here to see the Craigslist listing.


m4ff3w said...

Those are 3 cars I must own before I die.

Jon said...

Beware of SERIOUS undercarriage rust issues on the Matra. They were resolved with the next model, the Murena.