Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Topless 1970 Opel GT

This was going to be one of Monday's posts. I just couldn't figure out how to end it. I'm still not sure what I think of this car.

Opels Unlimited has been selling quite a few cars on eBay lately. Most of them have been pretty common Opels. This one is not being sold by Opels Unlimited, but it was donated to the Opel Enthusiast Club by them. All proceeds of the sale go to the OEC.

This is not a common Opel. This is an Opel GT convertible. The OEC says it was professionally done. The listing states: "The top fits well, the windows roll up into it and it doesn't leak. Special matching red gauge package from Germany in kilometers. Speedo goes to 260 kmh. Also features replaced dash pad... new seats, stereo system, Opels Unlimited's Stage II spring assembly... metallic brakes, Weber carb, ignition mods, chrome air cleaner."
There is also what appears to be a heavy duty roll bar, which most likely helps with the rigidity lost when the roof was chopped off.

Most convertibles look good with the top down. (We have no real idea what this one looks like as the pictures of it with the top down aren't very good. There is a picture of it on the Opels Unlimited website, but it's on their "calendar page" and a woman named Tina is blocking the view. And, yes, I realize that complaining about a woman blocking my view of a car probably means that my priorities in life are very, very screwed up...) It's when the top is up that you can tell the difference between a good chop job and a bad chop job. (*** 11AM update - My friend Jeff pointed out that there is a page on Opels Unlimited's website where you can see this car without Tina sitting on it. You can find it here. On the same page is a picture of a gullwing Opel GT.)

OK, so what is this; a good chop job or a bad one? The photo at the top of the post makes it look not too bad. Actually, pretty good. The photo below, though, makes it look, well, not so good. Actually, pretty bad.

This car looked to be in really good shape when Tina was sitting on it in the Opels Unlimited calendar picture. It looks like it's been stored outside since then. At the very least, this car needs a good buff & puff. It may need new paint and some interior work.

As I wrote in the beginning of this post, I was having a hard time coming up with a closing paragraph. I just don't know what I think about this car. The Opel GT is a beautiful car in its natural state. At best, cutting off the roof did nothing to improve on that. At worst, it ruined the lines. However, if it was done right, I can imagine this Opel being pretty fun to drive on a summer night. It's certainly a unique ride.

I guess if I had unlimited car funds I'd buy a stock Opel GT. I'd also buy an Alfa, a Triumph, or a TVR for those times when I want to cruise with the top down. Some cars were meant to be convertibles, some were not. I guess it's a matter of personal opinion as to whether the Opel GT should be topless.

Located in Rialto, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.

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pickles said...

I'd almost buy it just for the car phone in the wheel well. That's class..